Race, Class & Gender in American Cities

UPADM-GP.219, 4 points.


This course examines how different racial, ethnic, and class interests interact in urban planning and development processes. It focuses on political systems and private market arrangements that affect the allocation and distribution of resources. A comparative approach identifies the ways in which different political regimes have analyzed and planned for the needs of a variety of racial, ethnic, and class interests.

Prerequisites: none

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2014Jewell Jackson McCabeSyllabus
Spring 2014Jewell Jackson McCabeSyllabus
Spring 2009Rachelle BrunnSyllabus
Spring 2012Jewell Jackson McCabeSyllabus
Spring 2011Jewell Jackson McCabeSyllabus
Spring 2013Jewell Jackson McCabeSyllabus
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Spring 2013Jewell Jackson McCabeEvaluation
Spring 2012McCabe, JewellEvaluation
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