Philanthropy, Advocacy and Social Change

UPADM-GP.224, 4 points.


With over $550 billion dollars in assets and contributions exceeding $36 billion/year, private charitable foundations are a source of concentrated social and political influence in American society. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of the roles and influence (positive and negative) of philanthropy on political advocacy and social change movements in the US; the scope and diversity of the philanthropic sector; political advocacy approaches and tactics; and examples of current philanthropic involvement in advocacy and social change movements across the political spectrum. The course will include several guest speakers -- both philanthropic leaders and activists -- and site visits with funders to local advocacy efforts in New York City.



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Fall 2015Jason FranklinSyllabus
Spring 2008Jason FranklinSyllabus
Fall 2008Jason FranklinSyllabus
Spring 2010Jason FranklinSyllabus
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