The Business of Nonprofit Management

UPADM-GP.242, 4 points.


This course is a general introduction to not-for-profit management, with heavy emphasis on practical application. How do not for profit organizations actually function? How do they attract “customers?” How do these companies grow when there are no owners with financial incentives to grow the business? What are the core elements of a “good” not for profit company? What are the metrics for determining the health of a company without profit? And, why would anybody work for such a crazy place?



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Fall 2014Aria FingerSyllabus
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Fall 2008Nancy LublinSyllabus
Fall 2012Aria FingerSyllabus
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Finger, Aria I

Weekly Schedule:
Wed - 5:55 pm to 8:25 pm

Session Dates:
09/02/2015 to 12/15/2015

Bldg:194M Room:306