Interfaith Dialogue, Leadership, and Public Service: Traditions of Engagement in the US and Beyond

UPADM-GP.250, 4 points.


The course utilizes the evolution of Muslim-Jewish relations in NYC since 9-11 as an extended case study in spiritual and religious leadership and public service. How have Jewish and Muslim communities worked together to combat media narratives and inherited stereotypes? What internal battles has each community experienced? What was the impact of global/national events on local reconciliation? The course will highlight the role of joint public service efforts in developing and sustaining leadership.

Prerequisites: None

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Fall 2012Judah SarnaSyllabus
Fall 2011Syllabus
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Fall 2011Sarna, YehudaEvaluation
Fall 2011Latif, KhalidEvaluation
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