Global Social Entrepreneurship: Field Experience

UPADM-GP.270, 4 points.


The purpose of this course is to provide students with an academic overview and direct experience with the issues and challenges in contemporary Global Social Entrepreneurship. This area has become one of the fastest growing segments for business and academic development, and this course is a component of the Minor in Social Entrepreneurship for NYU undergraduates. Both business applications and social entrepreneurship areas will be explored in research, theory and practice during this class, through relevant readings, case studies, discussion and presentations by global social entrepreneurs. There will also be an experiential component to the class: students will both learn skills for cultural competency and global social entrepreneurship, and engage in a week long field experience in cultural immersion in a country outside of the United States. The field experience will focus on the various issues, possibilities and results, and the people involved with social entrepreneurial ventures in that country. To accomplish this goal, students will attend 15 hours of class at NYU during the spring semester and 35 hours of class in Shanghai, China the last week in May, 2012. The Shanghai segment includes 3 hours each morning in the classroom and at least 4 hours each afternoon in a cultural immersion practicum experience in the field. Altogether in Shanghai and NYC, the students will have at least 50 hours of class time and supervised practical experience for this 4 credit course. The New York-based classes are combined into longer meetings on two weekends rather than the more typical weekly sessions across the semester. Each class will include a segment on skill building and practice. The primary text here is CORE 4, with a focus on skills related to global experience. Global social entrepreneur skills center on cultural competency, emphasizing four specific themes: connection, liner (setting boundaries), convertor and strategist. These skill sets will enable students to be more effective global citizens and contributors for positive change in the world.

Prerequisites: none

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