Urban Planning and Design: Past, Present and Future

UPADM-GP.282, 4 points.


The rapid rate and massive scale of urbanization globally make urban planning and design more critical than ever. This course introduces a selection of key ideas, experiences, and planning practices that shaped the contemporary city, and those that contend to shape the future city. In a lecture-seminar format, it examines important cases drawn from major cities around the world such as Mumbai, Paris, New York, Shanghai, and Detroit. Topics include megacities and megaslums, sustainable cities, "cybercities," and some of the most important planning interventions and visions from the past. The aim of the course is three-fold: To develop a critical reading of a selection of urban spaces, planning efforts, and texts; to provide a vocabulary of some of the major urban plans, ideas, and spaces: and to identify crucial issues that planners and designers now confront.



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