Geographic Information Systems

UPADM-GP.283, 4 points.

Semester: Fall


In this hands-on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) course students will learn to work with the leading mapping software, ArcGIS.  Class and homework exercises will focus on methods of preparing, analyzing, visualizing/mapping a variety of urban planning data, crime data, and data on emergency/disaster impacts and more.  They will also learn to save and share the maps they create, and the analysis results, in both printed form and on the internet.

Throughout this Introduction to GIS course students will be working with data that will be supplied by Prof. Naphtali but they will also learn to search for and download GIS data from various internet sites.

By the end of this GIS course, students will have a solid understanding of how GIS maps and ArcGIS tools can be used to visualize and analyze real-world features, to discover patterns in data, to obtain information and to communicate it with others using maps in printed form and on the internet.




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