Introduction to Urban Physical Design

URPL-GP.1620, 3 points.

Semester: Fall


Required for M.U.P. students.

This course will concentrate on design, research, interpretation, and analysis of urban spaces in the New York region, United States, and abroad. As inherent in an “introductory” course we will have limited opportunity to delve deeply into each topic, but will center discussion around a single focus – the forces that shape urban form. In the end, each of you will have developed a new awareness for the built environment and the critical elements in successful place making.



Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Fall 2013Steven J. StainbrookSyllabus
Fall 2013Eric G. GalipoSyllabus
Fall 2012Steven J. StainbrookSyllabus
Fall 2011Steven J. StainbrookSyllabus
Fall 2011Eric G. GalipoSyllabus
Fall 2010John FontillasSyllabus
Fall 2010Steven J. StainbrookSyllabus
Fall 2009John FontillasSyllabus
Fall 2008John FontillasSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Fall 2014Steven StainbrookEvaluation
Fall 2014Steven StainbrookEvaluation
Fall 2014Eric GalipoEvaluation
Fall 2014Eric GalipoEvaluation
Fall 2013Steven J. StainbrookEvaluation
Fall 2013Eric G. GalipoEvaluation
Fall 2011Stainbrook, StevenEvaluation
Fall 2011Galipo, EricEvaluation
Fall 2010Stainbrook, StevenEvaluation
Fall 2010Fontillas, JohnEvaluation
Fall 2009Fontillas, JohnEvaluation
Fall 2009Fontillas, JohnEvaluation
Fall 2009Stainbrook, StevenEvaluation
Fall 2009Stainbrook, StevenEvaluation
Fall 2008Stainbrook, StevenEvaluation
Fall 2008Fontillas, JohnEvaluation
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