Urbanization and Sustainable Development in a Transitional Economy: Experiencing China (Shanghai, China)

URPL-GP.2251, 3 points.

Semester: Summer


Within the next 20 years, China will move 300 million people, similar size as the US population, from rural to urban areas. The massive and rapid urbanization poses tremendous challenges to environment and sustainability, but also offer great opportunities for industrial restructuring and economic development. This process is accompanied with the transition from a centrally-controlled to a market-oriented economy. This course exposes students to diverse issues under this context such as urban renewal, motorization, land use planning, public finance in infrastructure, housing reform, real estate development, property rights, economic development zones, environmental protection, alternative energy, social welfare, etc. The ten-day course will be held in NYU Shanghai, and combines classroom lectures, local guest speakers, visits to local organizations, and field trips in Shanghai and nearby towns and villages.



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Summer 2015Zhan Guo (郭湛)Syllabus
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Summer 2011Zhan Guo (郭湛)Syllabus
Summer 2010Zhan Guo (郭湛)Syllabus
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