Urban Economics

URPL-GP.2608, 3 points.

Semester: Spring


The field of urban economics addresses a wide variety of questions and topics. At the most general level, the field introduces space into economic models and studies the location of economic activity. Urban economics typically addresses four sets of questions, and this course is organized around these four areas. The first set of questions focuses on the development of urban areas. Why do cities exist and why do some grow more rapidly? How can local governments encourage such growth? The second set of questions addresses patterns of development within metropolitan areas. Why do certain parts of metropolitan areas grow more rapidly than others? How do firms and households decide where to locate within given metropolitan areas? What determines the price of land, and how do these prices vary across space? The third set of questions concerns the spatial dimensions of urban problems. In this class, we will focus on poverty, housing, and suburban sprawl. Finally, in the last part of the class, we will briefly study the spatial aspects of local government.


CORE-GP.1018; Pre-or co-requisite: CORE-GP.1011

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2016Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2015Francesco Brindisi, Jorge De la RocaSyllabus
Spring 2014Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2014Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2013Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2013David QuartSyllabus
Spring 2013Syllabus
Spring 2012Aleksandr V. GevorkyanSyllabus
Spring 2012David QuartSyllabus
Spring 2011Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Fall 2010David QuartSyllabus
Spring 2010Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2010Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Fall 2009David QuartSyllabus
Fall 2009David QuartSyllabus
Spring 2009Syllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Spring 2015Jorge De la RocaEvaluation
Spring 2015Francesco BrindisiEvaluation
Spring 2014Ingrid EllenEvaluation
Spring 2014Ingrid EllenEvaluation
Spring 2013Ingrid Gould EllenEvaluation
Spring 2013David QuartEvaluation
Spring 2012Gevorkyan, AleksandrEvaluation
Spring 2012Quart, DavidEvaluation
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