Advanced Urban Physical Design

URPL-GP.2680, 3 points.


Building on the skills introduced in Introduction to Urban Design (URPL-GP.1620) this course will concentrate on developing an understanding of how to develop a design methodology that includes the use of digital, analytical and graphic tools to enhance their knowledge of sustainable urban design. The focus will be on urban spaces and communities in the New York City area and region. Work will be split between individual and group work; enabling students to enhance their own knowledge of the design techniques and methods while the group work will allow for development of the iterative design process necessary for sustainable urban design solutions.



Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2010Eric G. GalipoSyllabus
Spring 2009Claire WeiszSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Spring 2012Harpman, Louise (team)Evaluation
Spring 2012Weisz, Claire (team)Evaluation
Spring 2011Harpman, LouiseEvaluation
Spring 2011Weisz, ClaireEvaluation
Spring 2010Weisz, ClaireEvaluation
Spring 2008Weisz, ClaireEvaluation
Puck with Street Sign