Urbanization in Developing Countries

URPL-GP.4237, 2 points.


The course focuses on understanding and coming to terms with the current prospects of global urban expansion. The first part of the course will focus on four propositions underlying a new paradigm for managing the rapid urbanization that can now be observed in developing countries: the inevitable expansion proposition, the sustainable densities proposition, the decent housing proposition, and the public works proposition. The second part of the course will focus on urbanization in a new historical perspective, on the geography of world urbanization, and on the global hierarchy of cities. The third part of the course will explore the theory and the empirical evidence concerning global urban expansion by focusing on seven topics: global urban land cover and its expansion; the persistent decline in urban densities; from centrality to dispersal; the fragmentation of urban landscapes; the pulsating compactness of urban footprints; urban and cover projections 2000-2050; and urban expansion and the loss of cultivated land.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: PADM-GP 2201

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