Courses Discussing Diversity, Inequalities/Disparities, Social Justice and Difference

Many Wagner faculty study issues of discrimination, disparity, and access, and are able to enrich their syllabi and classroom discussions with their research. The following list represents a sample of courses that address issues of diversity, social justice and differences across multiple boundaries.

Courses Typically Offered in the Fall

Courses Typically Offered in the Spring

Courses Typically Offered in the Winter/Summer Session

  • PADM-GP 2226 Innovative Leadership for Human Development: The UN and the MDGs
  • PADM-GP 2250 Hunger and Food Security in a Global Perspective
  • PADM-GP 2430 Public-Private Collaboration for Social Problem Solving: Comparative  Perspective
  • PADM-GP 2225 Organizing for Human Rights Change
  • PADM-GP 2106 Community Organizing
  • PADM-GP 2112 Women and Men in the Work Place

Other Courses