Doctoral students have a number of different advising relationships:

  1. Upon admission into the program, all students are assigned a Faculty Advisor who shares common research interests and has areas of expertise relevant to the student's intended fields of study. The faculty advisor will work with the student to organize a study plan for at least the first year and, preferably, longer. The student and advisor should discuss degree requirements, first year courses, potential fields of study and comprehensive exams, appropriate courses to prepare these fields of study, research opportunities, teaching opportunities and any other relevant information. 
  2. Students may change faculty advisors, as appropriate, and should also feel free to seek the advice of other faculty
  3. When a student completes the requisite coursework and has taken three comprehensive exams, s/he will begin work on the dissertation under the guidance of a Dissertation Advisor. The Dissertation Advisor may be, but is not necessarily, the student's Faculty Advisor. This advisor works in concert with the student and a dissertation committee throughout the dissertation process.
  4. The Doctoral Program Director can clarify the administrative requirements of the program and could help the student map out an initial plan of study. S/He is also available if students have concerns that their Faculty or Dissertation Advisor can not address.
  5. The Assistant Director is available to assist students with a wide variety of administrative concerns, such as course registration at Wagner as well as other graduate divisions of the university; degree requirements, dissertation guidelines, comprehensive exam and preliminary qualifying examination registration; and, to clarify academic policies and procedures of the school and university.
  6. Finally, entering students are provided with peer advisors, fellow doctoral students who can provide support in the transition to doctoral student life.

Other helpful information including program requirements, milestones, and other resources can be found here.