Students are required to complete the following:

  • PHD-GP 5902, Research Methods
  • PADM-GP.2172 Advanced Empirical Methods for Policy Analysis
  • PHD-GP 5905, NYU Wagner Qualitative Research Methods
  • PHD-GP 5910, PHD-GP 5911 NYU Wagner Research Colloquium
  • Coursework modules from a choice of research methodologies and theoretical frameworks leading to the third-year paper

In addition, students choose other courses based on their interests and academic background. Students are required to consult with their Faculty Advisor regarding course selection. Seventy-two (72) credits are required for the doctoral degree with a G.P.A. of 3.3/B+ or better average. At a minimum, 32 credits of coursework must be completed at NYU Wagner and/or other graduate divisions of NYU. Of these 32 points, at least 16 must be other than the Core or introductory level courses. In most cases, students may transfer up to a maximum of 40 points of relevant coursework from their masters programs. Note that the courses to be applied to the Ph.D. must be approved by the Doctoral Program Director.

While students only take the Research Colloquium for credit for two semesters, regular attendance and participation is expected throughout the degree.