Teaching and Research Experience

Research Experience
All first-year doctoral students work roughly 20 hours a week with faculty members on their research. All doctoral students are encouraged to seek more research experience as they continue through the program. Our faculty conduct research in a wide variety of topic areas, offering both paid and unpaid opportunities for doctoral students. Further, there may be research positions available to students through research centers affiliated with the Wagner School. Students are urged to discuss specific research opportunities with the faculty.

Teaching Preparation
We have a wide range of opportunities for doctoral students to obtain the skills and experience necessary to become effective teachers. Many doctoral students work with full-time faculty as tutors and teaching assistants in foundational courses required for masters students, and then become the primary instructor for those courses.

Students are eligible for teaching assistantships when they demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter via significant experience or academic preparation in the subject. Students will be considered for teaching a course when they have successfully assisted in the teaching of a Wagner class, and they have sufficient credentials from previous academic degrees or professional work, or when they have successfully passed the comprehensive examination on the appropriate field. Faculty coordinating each school specialization will approve these decisions. Doctoral students who are not in good academic standing are not eligible for teaching, as they must focus on improving their performance.

Students who are interested in teaching experience should consult their Faculty Advisor and should submit a Teaching Interest Form to the Assistant Director.