Program Milestones

Milestone Time of Expected Completion
Completion of Research Methods (PHD-GP 5902) First Fall Semester
Completion of Multiple Regression (PADM-GP 2902) or equivalent First Spring Semester
Completion of Qualitative Methods Course (PHD-GP 5905 or approved alternative) First or second year
Taking the Preliminary Qualifying Exam (PQE) Spring Semester following completion of PHD-GP 5902
Completion of Study Plan: Selection of 2 Doctoral Fields and Research Methods Field (and appropriate courses) 2nd Semester of FT studies or equivalent
Completion of at least one of three Doctoral Seminars in policy, finance, and management Within 2-3 yrs of matriculation
Registration in the Doctoral Colloquium (permission of instructor required) Required before the end of the program
Transfer Credit Approval* (max of 40 pts), plus Foreign Language Requirement FT -- 2 years
PT -- 3 years
Field Comprehensive Exams (all 3 must be completed within four consecutive semesters) FT -- within 2-3 yrs of matriculation
PT -- within 4 yrs of matriculation
Submit topic selection/committee formation form Within 1 year of comp exams
Dissertation proposal defense FT -- within 3-4 yrs of matriculation
PT -- within 4-5 yrs of matriculation
Paper presentation from dissertation FT -- within 6-8 months of proposal defense
PT -- within 8-10 months of proposal defense
Completion of Degree/Dissertation Defense FT -- within 4-5 yrs of matriculation
PT -- within 6 yrs of matriculation

* NOTE: All students who elect to apply transfer credit towards the Ph.D. degree must complete all requirements within 7 years. Students who undertake all of their coursework (the full 72 credits) at Wagner have a 10 year limit.

Master Of Philosophy Degree

All doctoral students have the option to receive a Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil.) on the way to their doctoral degree. Students must have successfully met all requirements for the Ph.D. except the dissertation. Candidates interested in the degree should consult with the Assistant Director of the Doctoral Program and register for graduation via Albert at the appropriate time.