Previous Degrees

Students in the doctoral program enter with a previously earned master's degree. In extremely rare circumstances, a student with only a bachelor's degree may be admitted to the doctoral program provisional upon the completion of a year of master's study. Current master's students who are accepted to the doctoral program must complete their master's degree.

Maintaining Current Student Status

All doctoral students must maintain continuous matriculation for their degree, and no degree may be awarded to a student who has not maintained continuous matriculation.

Continuous matriculation may be met in the following ways:

  • Registering for a normal course load
  • Upon finishing courses, officially maintaining matriculation
  • Enrolling in PHD-GP.5901, Research in Progress

Please note that upon completion of all coursework, students may only 'maintain matriculation' by payment of fees for one academic year. Thereafter, students must enroll in PHD-GP 5902, Research in Progress.  Matriculation fees and tuition for  Research in Progress are not covered by doctoral student scholarships.