Richard S Cho

Richard Cho is a current doctoral student at the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, pursuing coursework in policy analysis and formation and organizational theory.  In particular, he is interested in how complex, multi-dimensional problems such homelessness, prisoner re-entry, and de-institutionalization are approached and tackled by state and local government systems, their bureaucratic structures, and processes.  He also conducts and oversees program evaluations that assess and improve programs and policies affecting homeless and de-institutionalized persons.  Richard is also the Associate Director for the New York Office of the Corporation for Supportive Housing, a national organization who helps communities creating housing and services to end and prevent homelessness.  Richard oversees and manages New York program activities and supervises professional staff with primary responsibility for advancing innovative program design and service policies for CSH target populations.  Richard also directly provides financial and technical assistance to nonprofit and public organizations around the creation and operation of supportive housing and provides assistance to government in shaping policies and programs to better serve the needs of new and emerging populations such as re-entry, substance users, youth aging out of institutional care and families, especially those with chronic health and behavioral health challenges who face significant barriers to stability in the community.  He has co-authored several reports and publications including research summaries on the intersection between homelessness and incarceration, and papers analyzing policy approaches to integrating sectors and systems to end homelessness.