CAS BA-MUP Program

NYU Wagner and the NYU College of Arts and Science (CAS) offer students the opportunity to simultaneously pursue the degrees of Bachelors of Arts and Master of Urban Planning. Students admitted to the BA-MUP program can, with careful planning, earn both degrees in a shortened time and at less cost than is normally the case. This program joins the benefits of a broad liberal arts education at the undergraduate level with a professional education at the graduate level.

CAS undergraduates in one of six majors may submit a CAS pre-application for the BA-MPA track once they have completed at least three semesters in the College (one for transfer students); the majors are Economics, International Relations, Metropolitan Studies, Politics, Sociology, and Urban Design and Architecture. At Wagner, students choose between the EnvironmentInfrastructure and Transportation track, the Economic Development and Housing track, and the International Development Specialization within the Urban Planning Program. Students may complete a maximum 7 of the 15 courses for the MUP while they are still undergraduates; initial courses should focus on the five Urban Planning core courses and the four Wagner school core courses. The 7 courses may be a combination of Wagner graduate courses or their undergraduate equivalents (see equivalency table); students must earn a B or better in all Wagner or equivalent courses in order for these to be applied to the MUP.  BA-MUP students must complete all requirements of their major as well as College-wide requirements prior to matriculating at Wagner.

In their senior year, students in the BA-MUP track must formally submit an MUP application to Wagner by the December admissions deadline.

Those students matriculating at Wagner with less than two years of full-time, relevant work experience must complete the Professional Experience Requirement while matriculated at Wagner. BA-MUP students who formally apply and are admitted to the MUP may choose to or may be required to defer admission for up to two years in order to gain critical professional experience in the field.


Debra Cabrera, Wagner Director of Student Services

Scott Statland, CAS Associate Director of Juniors and Inter-School