Kathleen Dunn
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Kathleen A. Dunn has worked for over 30 years in urban planning, neighborhood preservation and housing development. She holds a BA in Political Science from Fordham University and an MS in City and Regional Planning from Pratt School of Architecture. Ms. Dunn has also completed coursework in Public Policy and Administration at NYU. She started as Director of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Preservation Program at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) in 1978 and worked her way through HPD to Deputy Commissioner in the Office of Development by 1991. During her three-year stint as Deputy Commissioner, Dunn developed and administered the major public/private programs comprising HPD's $5.2 billion ten-year housing initiative to rehabilitate city-owned buildings, construct new housing on city-owned land and provide loans to upgrade privately-owned housing.

Currently, Dunn serves as the Executive Vice President and Director of Development at CPC Resources, Inc., where she leads and directs a team of in-house professionals, project and asset managers, and construction personnel in developing affordable housing.

Semester Course
Fall 2012 URPL-GP.2639.001 Real Estate Finance

The course begins by introducing the students to the basic tools of real estate analysis and finance. Topics include methods of evaluating real property, market research, the role of the real estate capital markets and the real estate development process. The course will also explore the role that both federal and local governments play in the community development process. New urbanism, affordable housing, and community development financing will be a significant component of the course. A variety of real estate asset classes (housing, office and retail) will be used as vehicles in exploring the real estate development cycle. This section of the course will consist of a mix of lectures and problem sets designed to enhance the understanding of the basic real estate investment analysis. The second half of the course will consist mostly of case studies designed to use the course’s analytic framework in order to make a real estate investment decision. This section of the course will have some lectures but will primarily consist of student presentations on the various cases. Presentations will be both oral and written and will contain the appropriate support for your investment decision.

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