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The Business of Healthcare

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Should health care be viewed as a business model and managed as such or is it considered to be a social obligation that is to be made available to society?  This question has still not been answered satisfactorily.  Accounting for more than 18% of this country’s Gross Domestic Product, the medical care industry certainly requires effective and financially prudent management to achieve its purpose.  Greater numbers of health care organizations are adopting business principles in order to compete in the current marketplace.

This course will explore the idea if health care can be managed in a competitive and market based environment, the current issues affecting the health care industry, what approaches not-for-profit health care organizations can take to remain viable, and the phenomenon of the mergers and acquisition process and its underlying value determinants in the health care sector.

A primary objective of this course is to provide the student and next generation of managers with a practical and working knowledge of the health care industry.  


HPAM-GP.4830 or permission of instructor

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