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Realities of Academic Medical Centers II

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The Realities of Faculty Practice Management, Part II is a continuation of the initial seven week course. This course is designed to provide students with an up close perspective of how a Faculty Practice Organization operates. The course will provide critical knowledge related to the following areas:

Faculty and the Academic/Teaching Mission; Research in a Faculty Practice Setting; Physician Productivity; Physician Recruitment & Compensation; Strategic Planning & Growing a Practice; Insurance and the Faculty Practice; Human Resources & Labor Relations.

Using real life case studies, expert insight, and relevant reading materials these sections will outline the problems, issues, and possible solutions for each topic. Through interactive class discussion, evidence based research, and access to industry leaders with content expertise each student will develop a detailed understanding of the realities of Faculty Practice Management.


CORE-GP.1020, CORE-GP.1021, HPAM-GP.1833, HPAM-GP.4844; all recommended, not required