Examining the Court Ruling on Citizenship in the Dominican Republic

Date: 11/13/2013
Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: Murphy Conference Room

Examining the Court Ruling on Citizenship in the Dominican Republic
Presented by: Association of Latinos and Allies in Public Service (ALAS)

This cafecito will examine the controversial September 23rd court ruling in the Dominican Republic. Under a constitutional clause declaring all others to be either in the country illegally or "in transit", the Dominican high court retroactively denied Dominican nationality to anyone born after 1929 who does not have at least one parent of Dominican blood. Essentially overnight, an estimated 250,000 - 400,000 peopleof which more than 200,000 are of Haitian descenthave effectively become stateless and without basic rights like access to education and medical care.

This ruling has sparked a debate among the international community about whether this is a case of human rights violations or a country simply exercising its right to determine what constitutes a citizen. In this grey area between country’s rights and international standards, where is the line drawn and who draws it?

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