NYU Wagner Alumni in Performance Measurement & Management Affinity Group Meeting

Join professionals working in Performance Measurement & Management as they meet with Stacy Woodruff-Bolte and Michelle Portlock to discuss the Benchmarking Project, originally launched by Public/Private Ventures (P/PV), which has engaged over 200 workforce development organizations across the country to create resources for performance improvement. 

More information:
A report has recently been published by Stacy and Marty Miles titled “Apples to Apples: Making Data Work for Community-Based Workforce Development Programs."  For the past year, Stacy and Marty have been working with a group of organizations in NYC and Chicago to pilot a process improvement model developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  In NYC, the Osborne Association’s work has been spearheaded by Michelle Portlock.  Stacy will be providing an overview of the model and the findings, and Michelle will speak in more detail about her organization’s improvement work, lessons learned, and proposed next steps.