NYU Wagner Alumni in Performance Measurement & Management Affinity Group Meeting

Join other professionals working in Performance Measurement & Management to discuss issues, challenges and solutions in the field.

Patrick Germain (MPA 2008) and Michelle Portlock (MPA 2004) will be previewing their American Evaluation Association conference presentation discussing building evaluation capacity into non-profits by engaging with other systems within those organizations (IT, HR, strategy, planning, etc).  They'll ask questions like "How can we make sure that people are using data to manage even when we aren’t in the room or after our tenure at our organizations end?"

The presentation will be followed by an open discussion for issues relevant to challenges encountered in the field.  What challenges are you facing?  What questions do you have for other people working on issues of performance measurement and management?  What great ideas have you come across lately?  What have you been working on that you would like to bounce off of the rest of the group? 

Please bring any discussion topics and we will give you an opportunity to open the discussion to the group.