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03/26/2016 Tenement Museum Walking Tour: Then & Now

Join UPSA for a Walking Tour with the LES Tenement Museum and learn about the evolution of Lower East Side neighborhoods!

"Then & Now" Program:
History didn’t make the Lower East Side; people did. This tour tells the story of how neighborhood residents for the past 100 years have fought to preserve their community and improve their neighborhood in the face of profound economic and political change. Note: This tour does not enter any buildings."

Tickets are free and they are limited, so RSVP early!
The tour is rain or shine.

03/25/2016 The Power of Public Spaces

Join UPSA for an interactive workshop on placemaking, and learn how policy makers can create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. We will work in teams to transform an underutilized public space.

Nidhi Gulati, from Project for Public Spaces (PPS), will provide the concepts, tools, and creative ideas needed to develop a powerful public space. Then we will put pen to paper and re-imagine a public space near the NYU campus. This workshop is an incredible opportunity to learn from and work with a professional Placemaker.

PPS is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organization. It was founded in 1975 to expand on the work of William (Holly) Whyte, author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. They have completed placemaking projects in more than 3000 communities in 43 countries and are the premier center for best practices, information and resources on placemaking.

03/23/2016 20th Annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum | Check Your Intuitions: Improving Decision-Making in Health Policy and Management

Managers and policymakers in many fields are using evidence-based approaches to make smart, strategic decisions that improve services for constituents and communities. So why isn’t the field of health policy and management doing the same?

Evidence-based decision-making is difficult: gathering evidence often requires resources and time, someone needs to analyze and interpret the data, the evidence sometimes contradicts personal instinct, and many leaders don't know how to use the evidence to make better decisions (or sometimes resist making changes). Yet, overcoming these hurdles is critical for improving organizational performance and public services.

Don't miss the 20th Annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum, where leading experts in medicine, nursing, and big data will share how they have overcome these challenges and have used evidence-based decision-making to improve services. Their experience, knowledge, and best practices can be applied directly to the health policy and nonprofit fields for better and more effective decision-making.


Thomas D’Aunno | Professor of Management, NYU Wagner

Maja Djukic | Assistant Professor, NYU College of Nursing

James Knickman | Derzon Clinical Professor of Health and Public Service, NYU Wagner; Director of the Health Evaluation and Analytics Program, NYU Wagner and the NYU School of Medicine

Jon Sendach | Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management, NYU Wagner; Deputy Executive Director for Hospital Operations, North Shore University Hospital at Northwell Health

About the Kovner-Behrman Health Forum

Established by NYU Wagner Professor Anthony Kovner in 1996, the annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum convenes leading health experts for a dialogue about how to improve the healthcare delivery system. With extensive experience as both a health practitioner and academic, Professor Kovner recognized the value of bridging the gap between the two sectors. Each year, experts at the Kovner-Behrman Health Forum debate a different healthcare topic that is relevant to both practitioners and researchers, with the goal of learning from one another and improving overall health outcomes.

03/22/2016 NYU Wagner Open House

The best way to get a broad introduction to NYU Wagner is to attend an Open House. In this Open House, you will learn about NYU Wagner's Masters programs and its vision for a public service education re-framed. You will hear in-depth descriptions of our programs, get important information about admissions and financial aid, as well as have an opportunity to meet faculty and current students. This open house is relevant for anyone interested in our Masters or Executive Masters programs.

At the start a faculty member will speak about NYU Wagner broadly. Other faculty will then lead small group discussions by degree program with current students.

Sign in begins at 5:45pm and the event begins promptly at 6:00pm.

03/22/2016 Advancing Collective Leadership: The experience of the NYU Leadership Initiative

The field of leadership studies has made a decided shift to embracing more collective forms of leadership. Theories of distributed leadership, shared leadership, relational leadership, co-leadership abound in the literature as well as the popular press. Increasingly, we even hear corporate leaders touting the value of team-based leadership and distributed decision-making. Yet, we still focus the vast majority of our leadership development investments in individuals and their skills. How might we advance collective leadership capacity? That is the question the NYU Leadership Initiative has taken up through the development of its various offerings for students across NYU. Come hear about their approach and what they are learning and contribute your ideas to help further their work.

03/10/2016 Techbrarian: An Innovator in Education

Join WEPSA for an engaging discussion with innovator in education, Lou Lahana (also known as Techbrarian), as he shares how he has used technology to promote talent development and social action in teens.

A middle school educator at the Island School on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Techbrarian is committed to empowering teens to channel their intelligence and creativity to maximize the power of their message. Using technology, his students take social action against social injustice.

03/10/2016 Finance Forum: Gender & Culture in Financial Access

WEFA, along with the Wagner Women's Caucus (WWC) and the Association of Latin@s and Allies in Public Service (ALAS), will be hosting a salon discussion focusing on gender and cultural issues in financial access.

This timely topic comes in the wake of the September 2015 Fifth Third Bank scandal, in which the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took actions against the Bank for its discriminatory auto loan pricing towards African-American and Hispanic borrowers.

You are invited to join the practitioners and your classmates in discussing the role of gender and culture in the financial access services.


03/08/2016 Debates of the Century @NYU Wagner: “Public college should be free."

NYU Wagner and The Century Foundation are proud to present Debates of the Century @NYU Wagner, a public debate series showcasing thoughtful, informed dialogue from experts on the most vital national policy issues. The Spring 2016 Debate Series will focus on higher education, immigration, and privacy and security.

Millions of American students are burdened with debt that not only affects their future savings but also influences their career choices. Would free tuition increase participation in higher education? And would it lead to a better educated, taxpaying workforce—a self-sustaining social benefit?

College loan debt has exploded to the point that, today, some 40 million student loan borrowers collectively owe more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding debt, and the average graduate who borrowed owes $29,000. Supporters of free college are not just concerned about mounting student debt; they also argue that the cost of attending school has prevented less-well-off students from enrolling or completing college, contributing to inequality. On the other hand, skeptics of the “free tuition” solution argue that pouring more taxpayer dollars into the system will only encourage colleges to charge more tuition, with no added benefit to education.

Sara Goldrick-Rab, Professor of Educational Policy & Sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Richard Vedder, Director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity

Moderated by:
Melissa Harris-Perry, Maya Angelou Presidential Chair and Director of the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University and Author of Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America

03/08/2016 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Spring 2016 - Storytelling as Transitional Justice

​with Louis Bickford, Associate Adjunct Professor, NYU Wagner

03/04/2016 Documentary Screening: Merchants of Doubt

Join ACE as we watch the critically acclaimed documentary Merchants of Doubt. The film explores public relations tactics that have been used to cast doubt on scientific research in order to protect business interests. The central concern of the film is the ongoing use of these tactics to forestall governmental action to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in response to the risk of global climate change.

03/04/2016 Storytelling with Open Data: A Tool for Civic Impact

Join WagnerTech and Bridge: Students for Social Innovation for a panel discussion on using open data as a tool for civic and social impact!

Since 2012, New York City has made over 1,200 data sets available to the public on the NYC Open Data portal. But what do these numbers actually tell us? What can we use them for?

Since their release, individuals and organizations have used these freely-available information sources to tell creative stories about New York City, painting compelling portraits of urban life from the information collected by the government. Others have used data sets to affect public policy, by drawing connections between different human behaviors.

Panelists will include:
- Ben Wellington, the blogger/statistician behind the beloved open data blog I Quant NY and assistant professor at the Pratt Institute
- Meredith Broussard, data journalist and assistant professor in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University

Panelists will share their storytelling approaches, techniques, and cases.

03/04/2016 A Deep Dive into CDFIs

Join us for a deep dive exploration of Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI) in New York. A CDFI is a mission driven financial institution that provides credit and other financial services to underserved people and communities. They are a crucial source of financing and support to develop affordable housing, childcare centers, health care facilities, small and growing businesses, and more. 

In this panel event we will discuss the strategies of CDFI's, what has worked, what hasn't, and what the future holds for the development of underserved communities in the US. We will be joined by speakers from several CDFI's including: Business Center for New Americans, Primary Care Development Corp, and BOC Capital Corporation.

03/03/2016 Skills Workshop: GIS Data Visualization

Please join UPSA on March 3rd for our first installment of our Skills Workshop Series. Learn about data visualization and how to make compelling and appealing maps from our speaker Sean Capperis of the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development to learn.

03/03/2016 Fireside Chat with Mohamed Abdel-Kader, Deputy Assistant Secretary of International & Foreign Language Education, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education

Join WEPSA for a fireside chat with Mohamed Abdel-Kader, Deputy Assistant Secretary of International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) at the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). As Deputy Assistant Secretary of IFLE, Mr. Abdel-Kader is responsible for encouraging and promoting the study of foreign languages and the study of the cultures of other countries at the elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels in the United States; and coordinates with related international and foreign language education programs of other Federal agencies. His office administers programs to strengthen foreign language learning, international and area studies teaching, and research and curriculum development on global issues at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and K-12 levels.

03/01/2016 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Spring 2016 - View from the Frontlines: U.S.-Pakistan Relations Under Fire

With Cameron Munter, Chief Executive Officer and President of the East-West Institute and former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan (2010-2012)

02/29/2016 Islam Nusantara: An Indonesian Challenge to the Ideology of Islamic State
​Many in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country claim a brand of Islam - called Islam Nusantara or Islam of the East Indies - offers a tolerant alternative to violence in the name of Islam. Akhmad Sahal will speak about Islam Nusantara and the degree to which it can confront jihadism.

Akhmad Sahal is a Ph.D candidate of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania, and a former research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center. His research area revolves around modern Islamic and Jewish political thinking. Sahal is the co-editor of Islam Nusantara (2015).
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02/26/2016 In the Field: Government

Join UPSA for our first semester installment of the In the Field series. We will hear from three current students about their experiences working in city government on issues such as transportation safety, city planning, and affordable housing. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and gain a better sense of what types of jobs exist for planners in city government. Light refreshments will be provided and informal happy hour to follow.

02/26/2016 New York Transit Museum Tour

A guided tour of the New York Transit Museum (corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street). Only 15 spots are available, so please RSVP as soon as possible.

02/26/2016 Webinar for EMPA Public Service Leaders Prospective Students

Join us for an online information session to learn more about NYU Wagner's EMPA program for Public Service Leaders. We will provide an overview of the program, enrollment options - including a Saturday-only format, admissions process and student outcomes. There will be a short presentation and plenty of time for questions.

02/26/2016 13th Annual IPSA Conference on the Future of Development | Looking Ahead

The 13th Annual IPSA Conference will explore issues around the Future of Development, focusing on where the industry is heading in terms of innovations and social issues in development.

2015 was a big year in the international arena, with both the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York and the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Determining how to move forward to achieve these goals with innovative solutions is now one of the big questions.

This year’s summit will focus on issues such as innovations in development, women´s rights, economic development, and the role of feedback loops as an effective tool for learning and collaboration within the development arena. It is our hope to have an open and honest conversation about the challenges that the future presents and how we might be able to overcome such challenges in order to accomplish these goals.

The Summit will take place on Friday, February 26, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM at the NYU Kimmel Center for University Life, 4th Floor.

11:00 am - 11:30 am: Registration / Coffee
11:30 am - 11:45 am: Opening Remarks
11:50 am - 1:00 pm: 1st Panel - SDGs: challenges and opportunities
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm: Lunch
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm: 2nd Panel - Innovations for Development
3:30 pm - 4:15 pm: Featured Speaker - Feedback loops: learning and collaboration

02/25/2016 Career Opportunities in Public Finance

Come hear a diverse panel of Public Finance market participants who will share their perspectives on careers in the industry. A panel of experts from Northeast Women in Public Finance will speak about the varied opportunities within the Public Finance industry and offer advice to job-seekers, followed by an informal networking session with plenty of opportunities for Q&A.

Panelists Include:      
Catherine Zhang | Vice President; 
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Kim Vaccari | EVP and Chief Financial Officer
New York City Economic Development Corporation
Betty Infantes | Senior Vice President, Municipal Securities Group
Jefferies LLC
Zoya Gargiulo | Managing Director
Mohanty Gargiulo LLC
Lisa Cole | Principal, Credit Research
Prudential Fixed Income
Kimberly Lyons | Vice President, Credit Risk - Municipal Finance
Dexia Credit Local
Cate Singer | Director
KPMG Corporate Finance LLC
Loren Wojcik | Analyst
Assured Guaranty
Gail Sussman | Managing Director – US Public Finance
Moody’s Investors Service
About NEWPF:
Northeast Women in Public Finance is a not-for-profit organization for women who work in private or public sector firms or organizations that are engaged in public finance. We offer educational and networking events as well as a mentoring program with the goal of creating opportunities for our members and participants to enhance their career opportunities and share insights about issues impacting the public finance industry. Learn more at

02/25/2016 Women's Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair

Join the Women's Foreign Policy group for an evening of round table discussions with senior-level experts in International Development, UN, NGOs, Human Rights, International Law, International Health, International Business, Foreign Service and Communication. Learn about the skills required in the global job market and get valuable career planning advice and guidance.


02/23/2016 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Spring 2016 - Religious Harmony Versus Religious Freedom: The Rise of Religious Discrimination and Intolerance in Indonesia

with Andreas Harsono, Indonesia Researcher at Human Rights Watch

02/23/2016 Downtown Rising: How Brooklyn became a model for urban development

Public and private investment, undertaken in concert with smart land-use policy and sustained local advocacy, has spurred a transformation in the area, according to a new report by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, NYU Rudin Center and Appleseed Inc. Join local leaders to learn more about how Downtown Brooklyn became a model for urban development:

  • Joseph Chan, EVP, Empire State Development Corporation
  • Regina Myer, President, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation
  • Hugh O'Neill, President, Appleseed Inc.
  • Tucker Reed, President, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Moderated by Mitchell L. Moss

02/20/2016 Philly Wagner Get Together

Date: 2/20/2016
Time: From 4:00pm
Location: Frankford Hall, 1210 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Our next social endeavor: drinks, bratwursts, and good company at Frankfurt Hall (1210 Frankford Ave, Fishtown). Festivities will commence on Saturday, Feb. 20 starting at 4PM. Feel free to bring spouses, significant others, kids, and friends.