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04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Evening Reception

Evening Reception at Dove Parlour

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: World Cafe

World Café Discussion over Coffee

The World Café will offer conference participants an opportunity to reflect on the panels and forums they attended throughout the day and engage in a facilitated small-group dialogue to uncover key themes and takeaways. Moderated by Natasha Iskander, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, NYU Wagner.

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Afternoon Forum - Just Hype? Social Media, Tech, & the Arab Spring

Afternoon Forum - Just Hype? Social Media, Tech, & the Arab Spring

with David Keyes, Co-founder,; Zack Brisson, Co-founder,; and Ahed Al Hendi, Founder, Syrian Youth for Justice.

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Afternoon Forum - Social Media & Social Change

Afternoon Forum - Social Media & Social Change

with Trinh Nguyen, Program Manager, Viet Tan; Justin Wedes, Occupy Wall Street Media Team and Dana Variano, Communications Strategist, Breakthrough.

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Afternoon Forum - How-To: Social Media for Your Cause

Afternoon Forum - How-To: Social Media for Your Cause

with David Aglar, Vice President for Digital Strategy at Weber Shandwick

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Keynote Address and Discussion

Keynote Address and Discussion

with Patrick Meier, Director of Crisis Mapping and Partnerships at Ushahidi

04/13/2012 IPSA 2012 Conference: Morning Forum - Women Creating Change

Morning Forum - Women Creating Change

with Dr. Sylvia Maier, Center for Global Affairs and the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU;  Yassine Fall, Acting Director of the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women at UN Women;  Solmaz Sharif, Iranian Journalist and BBC correspondent; and moderated by Colleen Schwartz Coffey, Director of Communications at NYU Wagner's Research Center for Leadership in Action.

04/11/2012 Annual Wagner International Alumni Night

Annual Wagner International Alumni Night

Wagner International Student Society (WISS) sincerely invites you to Annual Wagner International Alumni Night. We are enthusiastic to provide a great opportunity for you to both reunions with peer international alumni, and share your stories with fellow Wagner international students. The event will take place at April 11 (Wednesday) 6-8pm, Rudin Conference Room.

04/11/2012 Increasing Parent Engagement In Education

Increasing Parent Engagement In Education

Wednesday, April 11th at 11:30am
Puck Building, Mulberry Conference Room

Please bring your lunch and join WEPSA as our speakers engage in a discussion of two unique models for increasing parental involvement in education.

Despite being a required component of many school improvement initiatives - from Title I Schoolwide Programs to federally mandated school improvement plans, parent involvement continues to challenge practitioners engaged in school reform. The benefits of parent involvement are clear: A growing body of research shows that successful parent involvement improves behavior and attendance and has positive effects on student achievement. Yet many schools and education programs continue to struggle with defining and measuring meaningful parent involvement.

Saskia Traill, VP, Policy & Research at The After-School Corporation (TASC)

Nora Abramson, Director of Communications & Research for iZone360, NYCDOE Office of Innovation
  Tracy McClaire, Parent Coordinator from West Side Collaborative Middle School

The After School Program
Founded in 1998, TASC was the first nonprofit organization to set out to build a citywide K-12 after-school system. TASC created a model for daily after-school programs called ExpandED that expands the school-day by roughly three-hours and works with community organizations in partnership with schools, offering kids sports, arts, academic help and support for their healthy social and emotional development. TASC received a grant from The New York Times foundation in 2006 to examine how their sites can successfully engage parents in after-school programs.

DOE iZone
The iZone aims to increase student achievement in K-12, college and career by supporting innovative educational models that will best meet the needs, motivations and strengths of each student. The iZone engages with parent coordinators to support student achievement.

West Side Collaborative Middle School
WSC is one of the few middle-schools selected to pilot innovative time and staffing schedules as well as technology curriculum as members of the DOE’s iZone.

04/11/2012 Think Tank 2.0: New Leadership for a New Vision?

Think Tank 2.0: New Leadership for a New Vision?
A conversation with four thought leaders for the 21st century

Recent months have seen leadership transitions at four of the most prominent U.S. public policy institutes:

Janice Nittoli at the Century Foundation
Neera Tanden at the  Center for American Progress
Sarah Rosen Wartell at the Urban Institute
Felicia Wong at the Roosevelt Institute

This moment of generational change, in which women of the post-baby boom age, two of them people of color, now lead in a field traditionally dominated by white men, is a good time to take a look at where the American think tank is going at a time of disillusionment with politics, renewed debate about the role of government, and a 24-7 information environment which demands different approaches to intellectual and public discourse.

Join Gara LaMarche, Senior Fellow at NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, for a public conversation with these four new leaders.

A light breakfast will be served.

04/09/2012 Short Talks, Big Ideas: Transportation at the Tech Frontier

Short Talks, Big Ideas: Transportation at the Tech Frontier

Presented by Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management

How is cutting-edge technology bringing us into the new frontier of transportation? Join us for a fun, engaging, fast-paced event, with several speakers making short presentations about their tech-enabled and optimistic projects and theories, followed by networking and refreshments. Confirmed speakers include:
Anthony Townsend, Institute for the Future/Rudin Center: Limits of the Untethered City
Andrew Mondschein, The Rudin Center: Social Travel in the Era of the Smartphone
Frank Hebbert, OpenPlans: The Collaborative City Plan
Sophia Choi, NYC DOT: Taxi GPS Data and The Breadcrumb Project
• Mark Krawczuk,, L Train Notwork
Elizabeth Paul, MTA: The Future of New Fare Payment Systems
John Geraci, faberNovel: Getting Around Cities
Lizzy Showman and Kathleen Fitzgerald, School of Visual Arts: I Heart M15

04/06/2012 IPSA's Fair Trade Fashion Show

IPSA's Fair Trade Fashion Show

IPSA has been proud to bring several fair trade food producers and sellers to campus to educate us about fair trade practices in the agricultural world, from cocoa to coffee. Through these events, we've learned the importance of fair trade in ensuring livable wages to the workers, safe working conditions, and employing environmentally sound company practices. But fair trade is not just about food. Everything from the clothes we wear to the pens we write with have impacts on the workers who make them. We are excited to partner with the NYC Fair Trade Coalition to bring local fashion designers who adhere to Fair Trade business practices in their production of clothing, jewelry and accessories. At the Fair Trade Fashion Show, you will have the opportunity to learn about these designers and also see models (all Wagner students) wearing their pieces. Join us for a night of fun, fashion, and fair trade!

Designers featured: Soham Dave, Rising Tide Fair Trade, Pokuasi, KNO Clothing, Cambodian Threads, Global Goods Partners, Marquet, and My Fair Label.

Food: Fair trade fruit trays and a table for Kopali Organics (chocolate dessert samples), and Fair Trade wine from Fairhills Fairtrade Wines.

04/06/2012 APASA/WISS Presents the Chinese Calligraphy: The Art of Writing (may subject to change)

APASA/WISS Presents the Chinese Calligraphy: The Art of Writing

10 minutes presentation of Calligraphy art, followed up with 45 minutes of live calligraphy show, teaching and interaction with participants.

We plan to sell the artwork afterwards too to fundraise for Wagner Class 2012.

04/05/2012 16th Annual Kovner/Behrman Health Forum: Empowering Nurse Leaders in Hospitals

16 Annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum:
Empowering Nurse Leaders in Hospitals This Forum features a nurse leader and a management researcher who will speak on how hospitals can empower nurse leaders to accomplish organizational mission.


Cindy A. Czaplinski, RN, MSN, NE-BC
Administrative Director, Oncology and ICU
St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT

Ingrid Nembhard, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Public Health and Management,
Yale University

Moderated by:
Anthony Kovner, PhD Professor of Public and Health Management, 
NYU Wagner

5:30pm Reception
6:00pm Dialogue

Seating is limited.

04/04/2012 Opening Reception for "I will show you fear in a handful of dust: An Earth Day Exhibit" at the Gallery Space at Wagner
Opening Reception for "I will show you fear in a handful of dust: An Earth Day Exhibit" at the Gallery Space at Wagner  

The Gallery Space at Wagner is pleased to announce the opening reception for "I will show you fear in a handful of dust: An Earth Day Exhibit," our Spring-2012 exhibition featuring paintings and installation work by New York City artist Erick Sánchez.

Staged in commemoration of international Earth Day and NYU Earth Week, the project was conceived as a visual manifesto—a display about the perils of man-originated ecological disturbances and the urgency for intensified environmental conservation efforts. With this series Sánchez gives shape to a fragile space consumed by globalization, industrialization, global warming, and other consequences of human behavior and the concomitant natural disasters. The four semi-figurative landscapes resulting from these explorations are impactful, deliberately cautionary in tone, and executed with assertive brush stroking and inventive medium combinations.

"I will show you fear in a handful of dust" is presented by the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in partnership with the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and the Wagner Environmental Policy & Action (WEPA). The exhibit is co-sponsored by NYU Sustainability/Earth Week and the Student Network Exploring Arts & Culture (SNEAC).
A related panel discussion on environmental and climate change issues will also take place at the site of the exhibit at a later date (details to be announced).

04/04/2012 House Resolution 7 - The Future of Federal Transportation Spending

House Resolution 7 - The Future of Federal Transportation Spending

Presented by Wagner Transportation Association

Please join us for a special talk with Jon Orcutt, NYC DOT Policy Director and Wagner School Adjunct Professor, and Linda Bailey, NYC DOT Federal Programs Adviser, about the politics surrounding HR7, the recently introduced House Bill which would imperil funding for public transit, pedestrian, and cycling projects. The bill has provoked a large backlash and has raised questions about the political viability of sustainable, non-motorized transportation.

04/04/2012 Danger: EAT at Your Own Risk

Danger: EAT at Your Own Risk

Wagner Food Policy Alliance Brown Bag with Lauren Bush
Rudin Forum
Wednesday, April 4 ~ 12-1 PM

"Each year, one in six Americans — 48 million people — gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." Ineffective food safety practices often fail to detect foodborne disease outbreaks and often nobody knows why people get sick or what food to blame.*

Join Wagner graduate student Lauren Bush as she discusses her personal story of foodborne illness and the advocacy role she has since taken in the food safety campaign. After eating a bowl of contaminated spinach, Lauren was out four months of her life and her insurance company had to pay $50,000 in medical bills. Lauren will share her story and shed light on our nation's food safety system and the policy debates, as well as ways for students to inform themselves on these issues.

*Read more on the News 21, How Safe is Your Food site at and listen to Lauren at

04/03/2012 Collateral Consequences to Criminal Convictions: Barriers to Housing

Collateral Consequences to Criminal Convictions: Barriers to Housing

Access to affordable housing is a necessary precondition for successful community reintegration following criminal conviction. Far too often, however, individuals with criminal records struggle to find suitable housing or are overtly denied shelter, greatly increasing the likelihood of recidivism.
At Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions: Barriers to Housing, NYU Wagner Students for Criminal Justice Reform seeks to tackle the contradictory housing policies that create barriers to reentry following criminal conviction. Panelists will discuss what makes successful reintegration so difficult, what policies exist to prevent those with criminal convictions from obtaining suitable housing, and what steps must be taken in order to help the formerly incarcerated and those with criminal convictions find permanent housing while reestablishing themselves as positive contributors to society.
Panelists will include:
Rebecca Greenberg
Attorney, Civil Action Practice
Bronx Defenders
Ryan Moser
Managing Director, Eastern Region
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Laurie Parise
Executive Director and Founder
Youth Represent
Rita Zimmer
Executive Director and Founder
Housing + Solutions

04/02/2012 WEFA: Alexander Hamilton Society

WEFA: Alexander Hamilton Society

The Alexander Hamilton Society and The Wagner Economic and Finance Association (WEFA) invite you to the second annual: Geopolitics, Global Markets, and Your Career.

Join veterans of international finance for an off-the-record, free-wheeling discussion of geopolitics, the global marketplace, and U.S. power. After taking an unflinching look at the current state of the world economy, they’ll offer invaluable advice on building a successful career that allows you to pursue your policy interests at a high level.

03/29/2012 Sustainable Transportation and Economic Development in Africa: Stories from the Field

Sustainable Transportation and Economic Development in Africa: Stories from the Field

Presented by the Wagner Transportation Association (WTA)

In rural and underdeveloped areas of Africa, the lack of reliable and affordable transportation is one of the largest obstacles to economic development and employment. It also severely limits access to critical services, especially health care. At the same time, the continent suffers from continuing deforestation and environmental degradation.

We'll hear from Aimee Gauthier, of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; and John Mutter of the Bamboo Bike Project, about their organizations' work supplying Africa with bicycles which improve access to vital services and opportunities and in so doing creating employment and protecting African forests.

03/28/2012 The Securitization of Climate Change: 'Threat Multipliers' and Climate Migration in Africa


The Securitization of Climate Change: 'Threat Multipliers' and Climate Migration in Africa

Greg White, Professor of Government, Smith College 


This presentation unpacks the security discourse that emerged in the last decade concerning climate change.  It examines the framing of climate change as a "threat multiplier," "fire accelerant," and "security risk."  It argues that such a framing is a strategic choice that supports key interests and agendas, while undermining more productive ways of adapting to the likely effects of climate change.  

03/27/2012 No Time to Lose: The Promise and Policy Implications of Expanded Learning Time

No Time to Lose: The Promise and Policy Implications of Expanded Learning Time

Join the Wagner Education Policy Studies Association (WEPSA) and a panel of experts as they discuss the various policy implications, funding impacts, and programmatic approaches to extending the day and expanding learning time in and outside of schools. As charter schools, after-school partnerships, and other models increasingly challenge the traditional school day, districts are becoming more innovative in their approaches to time. Philanthropic organizations also play a powerful role in this nonprofit-public-policy dynamic, building the capacity of nonprofits to pursue innovative solutions and raising the bar for impact and results. Representatives from a non-profit after-school program, philanthropy, a policy intermediary, and the Department of Education, among others, will examine this timely issue.

03/26/2012 Dual Language Public Schools: Policy, Practice, & Implications for Research

Dual Language Public Schools: Policy, Practice, & Implications for Research

Presented by Berman Jewish Policy Archive

How do dual language public schools advance the cultural horizons of their students and work for a healthier society at large? These schools engage the interest and concerns of numerous stakeholders, among them: educators, parents, scholars, and ethnic/religious communities. Can they, do they and should they serve as vehicles for cultural preservation and identity transmission?

Join a diverse group of scholars and practitioners as we discuss:

--Major objectives of dual language public schools, both in terms of the student and the larger society.

--The major objections to dual language public schools and impediments to their growth and success.

--Creating a research agenda to advance the discourse on the dialectic above.

The discussion will take place from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM with a reception to follow.

03/22/2012 Addressing Diversity in the Workplace: An interactive workshop

Addressing Diversity in the Workplace: An interactive workshop

Presented by Wagner Management and Leadership Organization, Alliance of Latin American Students, Stonewall Policy Alliance, and Wagner Women's Caucus

WMLO Workshop Facilitator: David P. Rivera, Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology, Columbia University

How Well Do You Manage Diversity?
WMLO, in partnership with ALAS, SPA and WWC, is hosting an interactive workshop to address and understand how to manage the different dimensions of race, culture, ethnicity, physical abilities, age, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that give rise to a variety of perspectives, affecting performance, motivation, success, and interactions with others in the workplace.

The learning objectives for the workshop are:

* To increase knowledge about diversity in the workplace
* To encourage self-awareness about cultural and social identities and our individual biases, attitudes, and behaviors
* To develop skills to effectively address diversity in the workplace.

Refreshments and Drinks will be served during the workshop

Facilitator Bio: David P. Rivera
David P. Rivera, M.S. is a doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds degrees in psychology and counseling from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Wyoming. His research focuses on issues impacting the marginalization and health of people of color and sexual minorities. David’s research has been published in The Counseling Psychologist, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, and The Journal of Counseling and Development. His work also includes publications on workplace diversity issues. He has received multiple recognitions for his work, including national honors from the American Psychological Association and the American College Counseling Association.

03/22/2012 IPSA's Discussion of Chronic Disease and Economic Development in Nicaragua with La Isla Foundation

IPSA's Discussion of Chronic Disease and Economic Development in Nicaragua with La Isla Foundation

In recent decades, chronic kidney disease (CKD) has emerged as a devastating epidemic in the agricultural communities near Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. Studies have shown a developing epidemiological pattern that differs from traditional causes, with CKD most prevalent among young, male agricultural workers.

La Isla Foundation was formed in 2008 with the aim of reducing the burden of disease on affected communities. By engaging with individuals on the ground and coordinating the efforts of health institutions from around the world, La Isla Foundation has helped bring attention to communities which sit at the fault lines of global issues.

Join the International Public Service Association (IPSA), Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students (ALAS), Wagner Health Network (WHN), and Wagner Food Policy Alliance (WFPA) for a presentation by the La Isla Foundation with a Q and A session and a reception to follow.

Read more at the Huffington Post website: