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11/19/2008 International Week 2008 - Bollywood Film: A Night of Indian Cinema and Food


Bollywood Film: A Night of Indian Cinema and Food

Join IPSA, the Asian Pacific American Student Alliance (APASA), and WISS for a fun-filled movie night.  Indian food and refreshments will be served, as we watch a lively Bollywood film from India!  (Movie: TBA)

11/19/2008 Mayoral Control: Whose School is it?

Please join WEPSA (Wagner Education Policy Student Association) for a panel discussion on the subject of parental involvement in education and its importance to a student's success.  Panelists include:

Richard Kessler, Executive Director, The Center for Arts and Education
Lesley Esters Redwine, Director of External Relations NY, Achievement First
Leonie Haimson, Founder, Class Size Matters
Fatima Shama, Senior Official, Office of the Mayor 

Moderator: Professor Mary Driscoll, NYU Steinhardt

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Education and Social Policy, of NYU Steinhardt and NYU Wagner

11/18/2008 International Week 2008 - Fair Trade Coffee Tasting: Session 2

Fair Trade Coffee Tasting: Session 2
Generously sponsored by Mocha Joe's Coffee of Vermont and Gillies Coffee of New York!

Join IPSA and the Wagner International Student Society (WISS) for a Fair Trade coffee tasting, led by Paula Restrepo, a Wagner alum, who was certified as a Coffee Taster when she worked for the Colombian National Coffee Federation (Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia).  Taste coffee and learn about fair trade.


NOTE: There is a maximum of 12 to 15 people who can participate in a tasting so only RSVP for one session.

11/18/2008 International Week 2008 - Fair Trade Coffee Tasting: Session 1

Fair Trade Coffee Tasting: Session 1
Generously sponsored by Mocha Joe's Coffee of Vermont and Gillies Coffee of New York!

Join IPSA and the Wagner International Student Society (WISS) for a Fair Trade coffee tasting, led by Paula Restrepo, a Wagner alum, who was certified as a Coffee Taster when she worked for the Colombian National Coffee Federation (Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia).  Taste coffee and learn about fair trade.


NOTE: There is a maximum of 12 to 15 people who can participate in a tasting so only RSVP for one session.

11/18/2008 Yes We Can: A New Agenda for Advancing Leaders of Color in Social Change

The election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President heralds a historic moment in US history.  It is an opportunity to reflect at the national and local levels on where we have come in race relations and where we need to go. This is an especially pressing question in the nonprofit sector, where a study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds that as many as 24,000 nonprofit executives could retire by 2010, creating significant openings for the next generation of leaders to take the helm. 


Leadership programs have a significant part to play in attracting and supporting talented leaders of color as they develop the skills, knowledge and networks to take senior positions in nonprofit and social change organizations. New research holds significant promise for practical strategies to both affirm and draw on the expertise and experience of leaders of color as they navigate often unwelcoming power structures. Research also shows the active roles white leaders can play personally and as part of broader efforts to establish more equitable and effective systems. At the same time, the leadership literature’s treatment of issues of race does not offer innovative ideas to address the demands described. There is a need for both scholars and practitioners to reconceptualize the way we think about the connections between race and leadership. 



* Laurie M. Hunt, Management Consultant, Center for Gender in Organizations

* C. Nicole Mason, PhD, Executive Director, Women of Color Policy Network, NYU Wagner

* Sonia Ospina, PhD, Faculty Director, Research Center for Leadership in Action and Associate
   Professor of Public Management and Policy, NYU Wagner

* Elissa Perry, Web and Community Learning Director, Leadership Learning Community



Erica G. Foldy, PhD, RCLA Faculty member and Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management, NYU Wagner

11/17/2008 International Week 2008 - Stories from the Field: International Internship Panel

Stories from the Field: International Internship Panel

Please join IPSA and the Wagner International Student Society (WISS) for a panel discussion with fellow Wagner students.  The panelists will include students who worked abroad during the summer of 2008 at a variety of international organizations throughout the world.  This is a great opportunity to discover ways to find and secure international internships, as well as ask questions about the experiences of other students abroad.

11/17/2008 International Week 2008 - Off the Record with Professor Ahmad Kamal

Off the Record with Professor Ahmad Kamal

Please join us for an intimate discussion with Professor Ahmad Kamal.  Professor Kamal served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations for ten years.  He was a professional diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan for close to forty years and has held diplomatic postings in India, Belgium, France, the Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Korea, and with the United Nations both in Geneva and in New York.  On Nov. 17, he will be discussing his work at the UN, as well as his publications on disarmament and global economic issues with Wagner students and other participants.  Sandwiches and refreshments will be served.

11/14/2008 MAKING THE CONNECTION: Transit Oriented Development - A Blueprint for Success

The NYU Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council are pleased to announce the opening of registration for our fall conference: MAKING THE CONNECTION: Transit Oriented Development - A Blueprint for Success Friday, November 14, 2008 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Regular Registrations are available at (space is limited!) This event will be held in: Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, Kimmel Center, New York University, 60 Washington Sq. South, New York, NY 10003 Highlights include a keynote address by Douglas Foy, President of Serrafix Corporation, opening remarks from Joel Ettinger, Executive Director of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, and Astrid Glynn, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation. Further information and agenda details can be found in the attached conference brochure (2 pages), and found online at (see sidebar on the right side). Do not miss this unique opportunity to engage with key transportation leaders from the greater metropolitan region and discuss the future of public mobility through the lens of transit oriented design. We look forward to your participation in November. ***Additional Announcements*** Events: The Paradigm of Mobility: A Radical Change in Urban Transport to Challenge Sustainability; Friday, Sept 26th, 2008 / 9:30a - noon @ Baruch College Conference Center, New York , NY Beyond the Gas Tax: Funding Future Transportation Needs; Tuesday, Oct 7th, 2008 / 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm @ The Martha Eddy Room , Art and Home Center New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse , NY Resources: The Port Authority of NY & NJ has issued The Regional Economy Report: Review and Outlook for the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Region. To download a PDF of the report, please click here at, or visit

11/13/2008 Climate and Water - Bryan Mark, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Bryan Mark, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University, Department of Geography & Byrd Polar Research Center
Dr. Mark is an expert in glacier environmental change and the Andes. He is the author of more than 15 articles and book chapters. Dr. Mark earned his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Syracuse University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany.

11/12/2008 Reynolds Speaker Series: Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist
11/12/2008 Citizen\'s Union Breakfast Briefs - Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

With Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

11/11/2008 Should Government Help Your Neighbor? An evening with Deborah Stone

Please join us for a scintillating discussion with Deborah Stone, author of the prize winning "Policy Paradox, The Art of Political Decision Making".  Deborah Stone will discuss her acclaimed new book, “The Samaritan’s Dilemma: Should Government Help Your Neighbor?”  In an age of self-interest and deep distrust  of government, Stone offers a bracing defense of altruism—understood not just as individuals aiding one another, but also as a more active government, helping provide essential goods like high-quality health care, a cleaner environment, and safe cities.

11/07/2008 Philanthropy and Politics - The Future of Progressive Philanthropy

With Gara La Marche, President and CEO of Atlantic Philanthropies, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Administration at NYU Wagner

10/29/2008 Hope, Not Fear: A Conversation with Irshad Manji and Edgar J. Bronfman

Hosted by the Moral Courage Project at NYU Wagner

You are cordially invited to join us for an intimate conversation with two visionary leaders. Ms. Manji and Mr. Bronfman will share their thoughts on moral courage - the guts to defy dogma in one's own community for the greater good.

6:30 pm - Doors Open
7:00 pm - Discussion followed by Q & A
8:00 pm - Book Signings

Co-Sponsored by the Bronfman Center Selma Ruben Distinguished Lecture Series at NYU and the Research Center for Leadership in Action at NYU Wagner

10/28/2008 Election 2008: One Week and Counting...

Co-hosted by the NYU Wagner's Wagner Policy Alliance student group

Join Bob Shrum and other NYU political experts for a frank discussion of what to expect on Election Night 2008.  

How are the "battleground states" breaking for Obama or McCain, one week out?  Whose campaign strategy seemed best suited for the unusual twists and turns of Campaign '08, especially the current economic meltdown?  Can poll predictions be trusted, given the so-called "Bradley Effect?"  What implications would a narrow victory by either candidate have for a new administration's ability to govern amid troubled economic times?  And so forth: come with your questions and comments, as the NYU & greater NYC community gathers one last time to discuss and debate this vitally important election.

Bob Shrum, Democratic Strategist and NYU Wagner Senior Fellow
Doug Schoen, Pollster and Political Consultant
Rogan Kersh, Author of Dreams of a More Perfect Union and NYU Wagner Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

10/27/2008 Voting Rights and Marginalized Communities

In November, an estimated 5 million Americans will be ineligible to vote in the Presidential election because of a felony. This figure includes 13%, or one in eight, of all African American males nationwide. On top of this, despite federal laws requiring comprehensive translation services and barring voter intimidation tactics, another large group of Americans, including many of Latino and Asian descent, will face significant barriers to making their voices heard at the polls.

Wagner's Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SC Jr), SADA, ALAS, and APASA invite you to a panel discussion on how felony disenfranchisement, language barriers, and voter intimidation diminish the political voice of African-American and immigrant communities.

- Juan Cartagena, General Counsel, Community Service Society
- Glenn Martin, Vice President of Development and Public Affairs, Fortune Society

10/27/2008 Public Forum on American Jews and the Presidential Election:

How Jews and Non-Jews Differ in their Values and Intentions

Sponsored by: Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU Wagner

Join Profs. Steven M. Cohen and Samuel J. Abrams as they discuss the results of two recently conducted parallel national surveys of Jews and non-Jews, exploring variations not only in intention to vote, but also how and why Jews differ from the rest of the electorate. This event will announce the launch of the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU Wagner.

Featured Speakers:
Professor Steven M. Cohen, Research Professor of Jewish Social Policy at HUC-JIR/New York and director of the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at NYU Wagner. Prof. Cohen is the co-author of The Jew Within: Self, Family and Community in America.

Professor Samuel J. Abrams, Fellow at the Hamilton Center for Political Economy at NYU. Prof. Abrams is the co-author of Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America and the forthcoming Disconnected: Disconnect: People, Politics, and Place in Twenty-First Century American Politics.

10/24/2008 Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development in Latin America - The Conceptions of Social Policy: Universalism vs. Targeting

Jose Antonio Ocampo, PhD, Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, will look at the debate on universalism vs. targeting in social policies in Latin America. Dr. Ocampo will examine how social rights and the welfare state are conceptualized in industrial countries, and he will analyze how these ideas informed social policies in Latin America during the era of state-led industrialization.

10/24/2008 Philanthropy and Politics - Funding the Conservative Legal Movement

Steven Teles, Author of The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: Battle for Control of the Law and Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland.

10/23/2008 Money & Politics: How Clean Elections Can Change the Face of Elected Office

Hosted by the Wagner Women's Caucus and Democracy Matters along with the Alliance of Latino & Latin American Students(ALAS), the Students of African Descent Alliance (SADA), and the Wagner Policy Alliance (WPA).

Did you know that minorities account for only 14% of all U.S. Congressional seats? And that women make up only 15%, and have only ever held 29 governorships throughout the country, even though they account for over half of the general population? The Wagner Women's Caucus and Democracy Matters are proud to present an evening of engaging dialogue on campaign finance reform and changing the face of elected office.

Panelists will address how and why so called "clean elections" can aid women and minorities in their quest for elected office. The event will be followed by a reception where guests and panelists can network and discuss their own experiences with campaigns, politics, and government.

- Laura MacCleery, Deputy Director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University - Joan Mandel, Executive Director, Democracy Matters

10/23/2008 Conflict Security and Development Series - Competition and Development: Using Law and Policy to Harness Globalization

With Eleanor Fox, Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law.

10/22/2008 POSTPONED - Red and Blue Nation? Partisanship and the 2008 Election


On October 22, NYU Wagner and The Brookings Institution's Governance Studies program will sponsor an event with Brookings senior fellows Pietro Nivola and William Galston discussing their latest endeavor, Red and Blue Nation? (Brookings Press). In Red and Blue Nation?, Nivola and Galston consider the extent to which polarized views among political leaders and activists are reflected in the electorate at large, and assess systemic reforms that might depolarize much of the political and policy process. They will be joined by Paul C. Light, NYU Wagner's Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service and Brookings nonresident senior fellow.

10/22/2008 Energy, Environment and the Election

Co-sponsored by the Sustainability Practice Network, NYU Wagner Environmental Policy and Action and NYU Environmental Law Society

Regardless of who prevails in the November 4th election, the next President is expected to have the opportunity to refocus and redirect policies related to energy, climate change, the environment, education, and the economy. Election season sound bites focus on their opinions on offshore drilling and gas tax holidays, but the greater impact will come through legislation.

As we near the election, this panel will examine important proposed and impending legislation, and each candidate's stance on key environmental and social policies.

- New York League of Conservation Voters
- John Neffinger, Partner, KNP communications

Moderated by Dr. Michael Levi, Senior Fellow for Energy & the Environment, Council on Foreign Relations

10/22/2008 Shafiqual Haque Choudhury, <br>Founder & President of ASA Bangladesh

Hosted by the New York Microfinance Initiative,  University

In association with BRIDGE and the Financial Access Initiative

Join us for a presentation by Shafiqual Haque Choudhury to learn about ASA International and the upcoming launch of the ASA Foundation.

10/20/2008 3rd Annual Bernard & Irene Schwartz Lecture on Congress (in D.C.)