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04/13/2013 Hack: Student Engagement

Hack: Student Engagement
Presented by Wagner Education Policy Alliance and Bridge: Students for Innovation

Roll up your sleeves, and join WEPSA and the Bridge Design Lab for a day of brainstorming and problem solving at this interactive event, loosely modeled on a hackathon.

According to recent surveys, just four in 10 U.S. high school students are engaged with school and two thirds of students are bored every day. Some argue that this is due to an excessive focus on standardized testing at the expense of critical thinking and other 21st century skills. Others are concerned that disengaged students drop out and become disconnected not just from school, but from the workforce and successful careers.

How might educational policies, practices, organizations and technologies make high school more engaging? In this day long workshop, participants will explore the role of relationships, support environments, and creative stimulation in engaging students while working together in interdisciplinary teams following a facilitated design thinking process. Experts from Match Education, the NYC Department of Education Office of Innovation, the Future Project, Knowre and more will help provide inspiration; the ultimate experts on high school, current students themselves will also join teams as participants in the team design process.

04/12/2013 Language Matters: A Workshop on Public Service, Identity, and How we use Language

Language Matters: A Workshop on Public Service, Identity, and How we use Language
Presented by the Stonewall Policy Alliance (SPA), the Association of Latinas and Allies in Public Service (ALAS), the Black Student Association (BSA), the Wagner Women's Caucus (WWC), and the Wagner International Student Society (WISS)

Language matters. This workshop will engage participants to think critically around issues of identity and language within the context of their public service careers. The workshop will draw direct links between language and its impact on public work and provide tools for students to sustain these discussions and thoughts post-workshop.

04/12/2013 Conference Closing Remarks

Conference Closing Remarks
Scott Fritzen, Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) and Visiting Professor of NYU Wagner

04/12/2013 Conversations and Coffee

Conversations and Coffee
Conference attendees engage with speakers, reflecting on the day's conversations.

04/12/2013 Afternoon Breakout Session: How We Can Incentivize Innovations in Development?

Afternoon Breakout Session: Incentivizing Innovation
Speaker from Innovations for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, a project of Concern Worldwide

04/12/2013 Afternoon Breakout Session: Innovations in Philanthropy

Afternoon Breakout Session: Innovations in Philanthropy
Panelists include Katie Bisbee, Chief Marketing Officer at Donors Choose and a representative from the Global Impact Investing Network

04/12/2013 Afternoon Breakout Session: Innovations in Urban Planning

Afternoon Breakout Session: Innovations in Urban Planning: Luring Governments into Transparency using Data Visualization\
Tanja Maleska, Director of Policy and Strategy at Reactor Research in Action

04/12/2013 Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker
Scott Taitel, Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative

04/12/2013 Lunch


04/12/2013 Transforming Failure: Turning Mistakes into Innovation, from Local to Global

Panel Discussion
Transforming Failure: Turning Mistakes into Innovation, from Local to Global

Ashley Good, Founder and CEO of Engineers Without Borders
Bob Giloth, Author and the Vice President of Annie E Casey Foundation Community and Economics Opportunity Center
Dr. Elke Zuern, Professor, Sarah Lawrence College
Lee Hsienja, Small Knot
Marilyn Darling, Founder of Fourth Quadrant and Developer of Emergent Learning Toolkit
Moderator: John Gershman, Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service

04/12/2013 Morning Breakout Session: Smart Solutions for Small Agriculture

Morning Breakout Session: Smart Solutions for Small Agriculture
Barrett Prinz from One Acre Fund

04/12/2013 Morning Breakout Groups: Utilizing Mobile Banking

Morning Breakout Session: Utilizing Mobile Banking
William Jack, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Georgetown University
Jenny C. Aker, Assistant Professor of Economics at Department of Economics, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

04/12/2013 Morning Breakout Session: Digitizing Healthcare

Morning Breakout Session: Digitizing Healthcare
Nicole Dionne, Program Manager at Hôpital Albert Schweitze

04/12/2013 Opening Remarks: Innovations in International Development

9:30 am Opening Remarks
Natalie Privett, Assistant Professor of Management and Policy at NYU Wagner

9:40 am Humanitarian Work Psychology: A New Direction for I/O Psychology
Mary O'Neill Berry, Global Task Force for Humanitarian Work Psychology

9:50 am How Technology Can Make Government Better
Beth Noveck, Director of the White House Open Government Initiative (2009-2011)

10:00 am A Few Words on Educational Technology
Jim Teicher, Director of CyberSmart Africa

04/11/2013 Parish Hall Tasting Party

Parish Hall Tasting Party
Presented by the Wagner Food Policy Alliance (WFPA)

Join fellow Wagnerds, Foodsters, and Advocates alike for an evening of conversation, cocktails, and more. The Wagner Food Policy Alliance is pleased to partner with a Brooklyn pioneer, Parish Hall for what promises to be a delicious evening. Wagner Alum, Suzanne Zuppello is the Operations Manager at this locally-sourced saloon and has special specials to match your grad student budget, with your discerning foodie palate all while supporting local suppliers in a sustainable way.

If that's not enough to make you RSVP immediately, check out some of the tantalizing photos and read about the Parish Hall food mission here:

Wait, did we mention it's actually in Brooklyn? Only a 20 minute trip from the Puck building! Hope you will join us!

04/11/2013 NYU Cogeneration Plant Tour

NYU Cogeneration Plant Tour
Presented by Wagner Environmental Policy and Action (WEPA)

Heat, light, power... they are the necessary evils of daily life. Even those of us who love the earth best, would have a hard time forgoing a smart phone and hot showers. Universities take a lot of power to run, and NYU's new combined heat and power (CHP) plant provides high temperature hot water to 40 NYU buildings and also provides electrical power to an additional 18 to 20 NYU buildings. Because of its high energy efficiencies the CHP plant provides a 75% decrease of regulated pollutants, and a decrease of over 5,000 tons of greenhouse pollutants annually, than both the former plant and the local utility.

The new CHP Electrical plant is located under the plaza along the west side of Mercer Street between West 3rd Street and West 4th Street. The plaza was re-designed using a collaborative and open process to be a more inviting, usable, and visibly pleasing space.

On Thursday, April 11th at 3pm, come tour the CHP plant with WEPA! We'll be burrowing beneath the gross NYC streets to see a true modern marvel. The Roman aqueducts have nothing on this, probably. We'll meet in the lobby of Warren Weaver Hall (the Courant Institute) on Mercer St.

04/11/2013 WFPA: Career Chat with One Acre Fund

Career Chat with One Acre Fund
Presented by Wagner Food Policy Alliance

Interested in a career in sustainable agricultural development? Come learn what it's like to work directly with smallholder farmers in East Africa with Barrett Prinz, Global Director of Human Resources and Legal for One Acre Fund. Launched in 2006, One Acre Fund works against persistent hunger and food security by working with small farmers in high-need regions in order to boost crop yields and create lasting models for economic development, food security and improved nutrition. As an organization, One Acre Fund has grown rapidly since its inception and hopes to expand beyond Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya into new countries and regions in order to meets its mission of serving millions of farmers. One Acre Fund is currently hiring for a number of positions, including New Country Scout, M&E Associate, Finance Analyst and many more. During this one hour session participants will have a chance to learn about the One Acre Fund model, what it's like to work for the organization and the nature of the recruiting process, with ample time allotted for Q&A.

04/09/2013 Short Talks, Big Ideas: Transportation Innovations

Short Talks, Big Ideas: Transportation Innovations
Presented by the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management

What's new in transportation? Join the NYU Rudin Center for this high-energy series of short talks about how we're using, improving and thinking about the future of transportation. Several speakers will make short presentations about new projects and concepts, followed by networking and refreshments. Confirmed speakers include:
- Stephanie Camay, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Public involvement in transportation projects
- Guillaume Charny-Brunet, FaberNovel, 6 Billion Rides
- Jeff Ferzoco, Owner, Jeff Ferzoco Design and Senior Fellow, RPA, Mapping innovation
- Bob Leonard, EarthGarage, Sustainable personal vehicles
- Alexis Perrotta, Columbia University, Can social fares improve NYCT?
- Anthony Townsend, NYU Wagner, Bike census
- Chris Whong, NYU Wagner, Baltimore Circulatorbuddy
- Adam Zaranko, NYC Economic Development Corporation, East River Ferry Service
Moderated by Sarah Kaufman, NYU Rudin Center

Register below, and join the discussion on Twitter at #BigIdeas13

This event is co-sponsored by the University Transportation Research Center

04/09/2013 Local Innovations in Bus Rapid Transit: A Panel Discussion

Local Innovations in Bus Rapid Transit: A Panel Discussion
Presented by the Wagner Transportation Association (WTA) and the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management

This panel will focus on innovative bus planning in the New York Metro area, and the unique challenges it presents to both policy makers and citizens. This topic is particularly timely given the recent progress being made in the installation of bus lanes and Select Bus Service in the five boroughs. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) also has a place in the upcoming mayoral race, as most major candidates have publicly expressed their views on it.

Speakers include:
Eric Beaton, Transit Development Group Director, New York City Department of Transportation
Ted Orosz, Long Range Bus Planning Director, Metropolitan Transit Authority
Tom Marchwinski, Senior Director of Research & Forecasting at New Jersey Transit

04/05/2013 Police and Community Relations

Police and Community Relations
Presented by the Association of Latin@as in Public Service (ALAS), the Black Student Association (BSA), the Stonewall Policy Alliance (SPA), and the Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR)

The Association of Latin@as in Public Service (ALAS), the Black Student Association (BSA), the Stonewall Policy Alliance (SPA), and Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR) seek to highlight the relationship between the NYPD and various ethnic communities in New York City, as it informs public safety policies, community enrichment programs and civil liberties protection.

Policy Framework

  • Compstat
  • Target Impact Zones
  • Stop, Question and Frisk Policy
  • Community Safety Act


04/05/2013 Immigration Reform and the Asian Pacific American Community

Immigration Reform and the Asian Pacific American Community
Presented by the Asian Pacific American Student Alliance (APASA)

The Asian Pacific American Student Alliance (APASA) is proud to present its first annual signature event : Immigration Reform and the Asian Pacific American Community. Come join APASA, current Wagner students, alums, and community members for a roundtable discussion addressing Asian Pacific American (APA) immigration trends, health disparities impacting immigrant communities, civic engagement in the APA community, and legislation for immigration reform. The discussion will be facilitated by NYU Professor Shankar Prasad and feature invited APA community leaders May Y. Chen, Commissioner of the White House Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Dr. Chau Trinh, Assistant Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center's Center for the Study of Asian American Health, Steve Choi, Executive Director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action, and more. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

04/04/2013 GMO Labeling: Do We Need It?

GMO Labeling: Do We Need It?
Presented by Wagner Food Policy Alliance

Polls show 90% of Americans want the right to know what’s in the food they buy. The Biotech industry maintains GMOs pose no special risk and so labeling is unnecessary; The New York Times Editorial Board agrees. Labeling proponents counter that existing research studies on GMO safety are industry-conducted and inadequate; human health risks remain unknown. Labels will allow consumers to make informed decisions.

So, to label or not to label? Spurred on by moderator Frederick Kaufman’s provocative questions, our panel of experts will share their differing points of view on this hot-button topic, leaving the audience to decide in which camp they stand.

Frederick Kaufman
Author, Journalist, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Dr. Walter S. De Jong
Cornell University, Department of Plant
Breeding and Genetics

Dr. Carolyn Dimitri
NYU Steinhardt , Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

Jean Halloran Consumers Union, Food Policy Initiatives   

Patty Lovera
Food & Water Watch, Food Team

This event is open to the public. 

For more information, visit or contact Stacie Orell: | 917-545-9990 |

04/03/2013 Film Screening: The Long Shadow of Incarceration's Stigma

Film Screening: The Long Shadow of Incarceration's Stigma

Presented by the Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR)

Please join SCJR for a screening of the documentary short film "The Long Shadow of Incarceration's Stigma." 

The United States imprisons more people than any other nation in the world. An estimated 700,000 people are released from prison in the United States every year. Where do they all go? How do they find employment, housing, education and reunite with their families? Photographers Jessica Dimmock, Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv and Ed Kashi teamed with Supervising Producer Kimberly Soenen and Think Outside the Cell to produce a multimedia documentary short film about the experience of reentry and the stigma formerly incarcerated persons endure while reentering society after release from prison in the United States. Learn more at

A Q&A session will follow the film with:

Sheila Rule, Executive Director and Founder of Think Outside the Cell Foundation

Yolanda Johnson-Peterkin, Women’s Prison Association

Ismael Cedeno, Fortune Society and The National Reentry Resource Center

Marlon Peterson, Associate Director, Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, Center for Court Innovation

03/29/2013 5th Annual Wagner Variety Show

5th Annual Wagner Variety Show
Presented by Wagner Student Association (WSA)

Bringing together administration, faculty, and students for one night of unforgetable singing, dancing, comedy, and many other quirky talents. Tickets will go on sale this Monday in the Puck lobby. $5 for early bird tickets and $10 at the door.

Doors open at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 6:30 pm

Stop by the Urban Exposure exhibit in Puck before making your way to Housing Works!

03/29/2013 Urban Exposure: Out in Public

Urban Exposure: Out in Public
Presented by NYU Wagner's Stonewall Policy Alliance, Urban Planning Student Association, and Student Network Exploring Arts and Culture

Urban Exposure is an arts contest followed by a one-day showcase of selected artists; it is open to aspiring and student artists interested in exploring tangible and intangible elements of the urban geography. Now in its second year running, Urban Exposure is proud to announce its new theme for this year: Out in Public.

This year’s contest explores the role of public spaces in making the life, challenges, and victories of the LGBT community more visible. This year's artists will present a wide range of queer public forums, from the internet and social media to equal rights protests in public parks and streets. We will be featuring the work of photographers, performers, and activists from events all over the world.

This event is free and open to the public.