Students of African Descent Alliance in conjunction with Wagner Health Network (WHN), International Public Service Association (IPSA), and Global Health Alliance (GHA) present:

While the world wasn't looking, the AIDS epidemic in the United States refused to go away. The AIDS epidemic in the United States is more serious than previously believed and has become firmly implanted in Black America. Although there are more Black Americans infected with HIV than the total HIV populations in seven of the 15 PEPFAR focus countries, the U.S. government's response to what is perhaps the most serious health crisis facing Black America remains timid and lethargic.

Come join us as we discuss the effects that this ignored epidemic has had on communities, and what has to be done to make AIDS in America a priority.

Featured Panelists:
- Phill Wilson, CEO, Black AIDS Institute
- Dr. Monica Sweeney, MD, MPH, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
- Jacob Levenson, Author, "The Secret Epidemic: The Story of AIDS in Black America"
- Jacinda Jordan (NYU Wagner Alum), International Center for Aids Care and Treatment at Columbia University.