Opening Reception for "how ounces become tons" at the Gallery Space at Wagner

NYU Wagner, in partnership with NYU Steinhardt, is pleased to present "how ounces become tons," the second exhibition of the 2011-2012 season at the Gallery Space at Wagner. Curated by Ann Chwatsky and Frankie Crescioni-Santoni, this dynamic and intriguing exhibit features drawings and mixed-media works by studio artist Joseph Imhauser.

With "how ounces become tons," Imhauser presents us with a collection of intricately detailed drawings focusing on what he denominates as idiosyncratic patterns. The pieces seek to explore issues of origin, formation, and assimilation of pattern-based shapes, as well as their incursion into their immediate environment and our everyday lives.

Joseph Imhauser is an artist, musician, and community organizer. He graduated from CalArts in 2005 and is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts at NYU Steinhardt (MFA 2012). His artworks, performances, and videos have been featured at numerous venues both locally and internationally.