Arcology, Arcosanti and the Ecological Cities of Paolo Soleri – Towards Genuine Long-Term Sustainability

Co-sponosroed by the Wagner Transportation Association (WTA) and the Urban Planning Student Association (UPSA)

Arcology is architect and philosopher Paolo Soleri’s concept of cities which embody the fusion of architecture with ecology. It proposes a highly integrated and compact three-dimensional urban form that is the antithesis of urban sprawl. By foregoing the automobile and minimizing destruction of the surrounding ecology, and by incorporating extensive terraced solar greenhouses and energy production, arcologies provide for highly pedestrian cities which maximize urban functioning while dramatically minimizing energy and resource consumption and waste. Arcosanti is the prototype arcology being built in Arizona.

George Kosmides, who will provide the discussion of Paolo Soleri, is President of Noospherics Technologies, Inc, and the former staff electrical engineer at Arcosanti. He still works with the Arcosanti staff on an ongoing basis, as well as with a range of leading edge solar and wind energy development projects.