The Culmination Course: Real-Time Global Practice

Capstone is the end-event course for the Global EMPA and an opportunity for students to synthesize and apply their learning from their own experiences and from the EMPA program in a constantly evolving, complex, real-world environment.

In Capstone students work on a specific assignment in which they examine specific challenges and identify potential solutions for a client organization. While working on the client-based project, students delve into specific content or issue areas; enhance key process skills, such as project management and teamwork; and improve their competency in gathering, analyzing, and reporting on data.


Capstone Clients

Capstone provides a client organization with the opportunity to have public service leaders address the organization's challenges and achieve  its goals.

Students will be connected with diverse types of clients for the Capstone project. Capstone projects for other degree programs have included: the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, the International Center for Transitional Justice, the Academy for Responsible Management and Malaria No More, among many others. The specific clients chosen in a particular year will depend on the skill mix and experiential preferences of the Global EMPA student cohort.