The Office of International Programs provides Wagner students an opportunity to expand their academic experience through an international exchange program in Barcelona, Spain at Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) in its MBA program, which has a strong focus on social responsibility. The partnership allows students to pursue their academic interests in an international environment and hone foreign language skills.

A limited number of students will be able to study at the exchange partner institution each year. The overall potential of applicants to succeed and represent Wagner during their abroad studies will be reviewed in order to determine which students will be nominated for the exchange program.

Application Process and Requirements

Students are required to finish their first year of Wagner studies before becoming eligible for exchange program. They must be in good academic standing (GPA 3.3 or better) at the time of application

Please note: While on an approved Wagner exchange, Wagner students register for independent reading courses at Wagner for the semester. Once the grades/marks are earned and reported from the exchange partner institution to Wagner, these are assigned to the student's NYU Wagner transcript via the independent reading courses. Wagner students pay NYU tuition and registration fees for the semester abroad, which allows students to maintain their financial aid package, including scholarships. All arrangements for travel and accommodations are the student's responsibility.

Five Steps to Semester Study Abroad:

  1. Review the information on the exchange partner school.
    Research the prospective school (ESADE, see below) and determine if it is the best fit for your academic career. Consider courses offered and cost of traveling/living.
  2. Meet with the Office of International Programs
    Contact the Office of international Programs at wagner.international@nyu.edu to set up a meeting to learn more about the prerequisites for studying abroad and about the specific requirements and deadlines.
  3. Submit your application to the Office of International Programs
    The application must include:
    • Application form, which can be obtained by emailing wagner.international@nyu.edu
    • Statement of Intent explaining why you wish to study abroad
    • One letter of reference from a Wagner faculty member
    • Resume

    The most qualified students will be nominated for the exchange partner's program. Nominations are then submitted to the exchange program.

  4. Meet with the Director of Program Services
    Contact katty.jones@nyu.edu to verify that the coursework you intend to taking is appropriate and that you will meet all necessary graduation requirements. Students will register for courses at Wagner that correspond most closely with courses they will be taking abroad. At the end of the semester abroad, grades are sent from the partner school and applied to your Wagner degree. It is important to remember that the exchange school may take several weeks to send grades to Wagner.
  5. Capstone
    Students who would normally be enrolling in Capstone during the proposed semester abroad must first discuss with the Director of Program Services whether the timing is appropriate and approved since Capstone cannot be conducted while a student is abroad.

Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE)
Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 1958, ESADE's MBA program teaches general and applied management skills. ESADE's goal and main objective is to prepare entrepreneurs and executives with skills to create and manage new firms according to sound economic principles, and guided by a strong sense of social responsibility. ESADE programs attract students both from Spain and abroad. The foreign student population, representing 30 different countries, currently accounts for an increasing percentage of graduate enrollments.

Courses & Language
You can choose classes in:

  • The management program, which includes the functional modules (finance, marketing, operations and innovation, human resources, information systems management) and the policy and strategy module (business policy, functional policies and strategies, economic analysis and forecasts, strategy implementation)
  • Wagner students have taken courses such as Service Quality and Excellence; Managing Services; Applying Creative Thinking to Generate Novel Solution; The Impact of Culture on Business; Strategic Innovation; Branding; Leadership, Power and Influence.

You can find both Spanish and English courses at ESADE. Students may also take "Doing Business in Spanish."