Improving the Health Care Delivery System

This specialization emphasizes developing policy analytic skills, including evaluation design, descriptive and multivariate statistics, program implementation analysis, policy formation assessment and cost-benefit analysis.

Policy analysts are concerned with the development and evaluation of strategies to improve the functioning of the health care delivery system. In some instances this role is played in a governmental agency responsible for regulating and financing health services. In other instances a policy analyst works for an organization that provides health care services, a nonprofit service organization, or a professional association or foundation. Responsibilities often include the development and analysis of data to support policy initiatives, an assessment of new health care initiatives using techniques such as cost-benefit analysis, program evaluation, implementation analysis, and the development of formal health plans to anticipate future needs for health care resources.

Required Specialization Courses

  • HPAM-GP.1830, Introduction to Health Policy and Management OR HPAM-GP.1831, Introduction to Global Health Policy
  • HPAM-GP 4831, Health Economics: Topics in Domestic Health Policy OR HPAM-GP 4832, Health Economics: Topics in International Health Policy
PADM-GP.2171, Program Analysis and Evaluation
HPAM-GP.2836, Current Issues in Health Policy
PADM-GP.2902, Multiple Regression and Intro to Econometrics
HPAM-GP.4830, Health Economics: Principles

Students Must Take Three Credits From the Following Courses

PADM-GP.2140, Public Economics and Finance
PADM-GP.2411, Policy Formation and Policy Analysis
PADM-GP.2445, Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
HPAM-GP.2825, Continuous Quality Improvement
HPAM-GP.2852, Comparative Health Systems
HPAM-GP.2867, Health System Reform: Comparative Perspectives
PADM-GP.2875, Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
URPL-GP.4632, Planning Healthy Neighborhoods
HPAM-GP.4822, Healthcare Information Technology: Public Policy and Management
HPAM-GP.4831, Health Economics: Topics in Domestic Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4832, Health Economics: Topics in International Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4833, Health Care Management I: Control and Organizational Design
HPAM-GP.4835, Principles of Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations
HPAM-GP.4840, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs - I: Financial Management and Budgeting
HPAM-GP.4852, Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management
HPAM-GP.4865, Public Policy and Obesity Research


All Capstone projects begin in the fall and are completed at the end of the spring semester. Full-time students who begin in the spring semester typically need 2½ years to complete their degree.

CAP-GP.3801, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Health Finance, Management, and Policy I
CAP-GP.3802, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Health Finance, Management, and Policy II