At Capacity: The Need for More Rail Access to the Manhattan CBD

Scanlon, R. & Seeley, E. Read more

Virtual District, Real Improvement: A Retrospective Evaluation of the Chancellor's District, 1996-2003

Phenix, D., Siegel, D., Zaltsman, A. & Fruchter, N. Read more

Gender and the Treatment of Heart Disease in Older Persons in the United States, France and England: A Comparative, Population-Based View of a Clinical Phenomenon

D. Weisz, VG. Rodwin & MK. Gusmano Read more

Natural Hazards Research & Applications Information

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Large City Technical Exchange and Assistance Program Final Report: Inter-jurisdictional Coordination for Traffic Management, Interagency Sharing of Fiber Optic Systems, Planning for Pedestrians in Large Urban Centers

Schaller, B. Read more

Context Sensitive Solutions in Large Central Cities

de Cerreño, A.L.C. & Pierson, I. Read more

Welfare Reform in Philadelphia: Implementation, Effects, and Experiences of Poor Families and Neighborhoods

Michalopoulos, C., Edin, K., Fink, B., Iandriscina, M., Polit, D., Polyne, J..& Verma, N. Read more

Welfare Reform in Miami: Implementation, Effects, and Experiences of Poor Families and Neighborhoods

Brock, T., Kwakye, I., Polyné, J.C., Richburg-Hayes, L., Seith, D., Stepick, A… & Rich, S. Read more

Race, Class and Social Control in the Streets

Conley, D. & Ryvicker, M. Read more

Infant Mortality and Income in 4 world Cities: New York, London, Paris and Tokyo

VG. Rodwin & L. Neuberg Read more
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