Why Theory and Practice are Different: The Gap Between Principles and Reality in Subnational Revenue Systems

Paul Smoke Read more

Portfolio Choices of Parents and Their Children as Young Adults: Asset Accumulation among African-American Families

Chiteji, N. and F. Stafford Read more

Promises Kept: Enforcement and the Role of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in an Economy

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Strategies to Increase the Retirement Savings of African American Households

Chiteji, N. and L. Walker Read more

Mañana Forever? Mexico and the Mexicans

Castaneda, J. Read more

Estimating the Intergenerational Persistence of Lifetime Earnings with Life Course Matching: Evidence from the PSID

Gouskova, E., N. Chiteji, and F. Stafford Read more

My Brother's Keeper? The Association between Having Siblings in Poor Health and Wealth Accumulation

Heflin, C. and N. Chiteji Read more

Time-preference, Non-cognitive Skills and Well-being across the Life Course: Do Non-cognitive Skills Encourage Healthy Behavior?

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Implementing Work Requirements in Wisconsin

Mead, L. Read more

Caseload Change: An Exploratory Study

Mead, L. Read more
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