Creating value for participants in multi-stakeholder alliances: the shifting importance of leadership and collaborative decision-making over time

D'Aunno, T., Alexander, J.A., & Jiang, L. Read more

Hepatitis C Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: The Role of Program Managers in Adoption of Testing Services

Frimpong, J.A. & D'Aunno, T. Read more

On-site Bundled Rapid HIV/HCV Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs: Study Protocol for a Hybrid Design Randomized Controlled Trial

Frimpong, J.A., D'Aunno, T., Perlman, D.C., Strauss, S.M., Mallow, A., Hernandez, D., Schackman, B.R., Feaster, D.J., & Metsch, L.R. Read more

Evidence Based Public Safety Management: The Diffusion of Compstat

William Bratton & Dennis Smith Read more

Designing Comparative Effectiveness Research On Prescription Drugs: Lessons From The Clinical Trial Literature

Chokshi, D., J. Avorn, and A.S. Kesselheim Read more

Child Passenger Safety Laws in the United States, 1978–2010: Policy Diffusion in the Absence of Strong Federal Intervention

Bae, J.Y., E. Anderson, D. Silver, and J. Macinko Read more

Policy Research: The Field Dimension

Mead, L. Read more

A new methodology for assessing social work practice: The adaptation of the Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (SW-OSCE)

Lu, Y. E., Ain, E., Chamorro, C., Chang, C. Y., Feng, J. Y. Fong, R., Garcia, B., Hawkins, R. L., Yu, M. Read more

The role of organization and management in substance abuse treatment: Review and roadmap.

D’Aunno, T. Read more

The productivity and cost-efficiency of models for involving nurse practitioners in primary care: A perspective from queuing analysis.

Liu, N. & D’Aunno, T. Read more
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