Intergovernmental Transfers: Concepts, International Practice and Policy Issues

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The Roles and Challenges of Intergovernmental Transfers in Asia

Kim, Y.H. & Smoke, P. Read more

Decentralization in Africa: Goals, Dimensions, Myths and Challenges

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Erosion and Reform from the Center in Kenya

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Restructuring Local Government Finance in Developing Countries: Lessons from South Africa

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Expenditure Assignment Under Indonesia's Decentralization: A Review of Progress and Issues for the Future

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Local Government Finance and the Economics of Property Tax Exemption

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Does the Structure and Composition of the Board Matter? The Case of Nonprofit Organizations

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Global Climate Change and Transportation Infrastructure: Lessons from the New York Area

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GASB Statement 34: Curriculum and Teaching Concerns for Schools of Public Policy and Management

Denison, D., Finkler, S.A. & Mead, D. Read more
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