A Government Ill Executed: The Decline of the Federal Service and How to Reverse It

Light, P.C. Read more

Does Federally Subsidized Rental Housing Depress Neighborhood Property Values?

Ellen, I.G., Schwartz, A.E., Voicu, I. & Schill, M.H. Read more

Enrolling Children in Public Insurance: SCHIP, Medicaid, and State Implementation

Kronebusch, K. & Elbel, B. Read more

Jump-Starting Collaboration: The ABCD Initiative and the Provision of Child Development Services through Medicaid and Collaborators

Berry, C., Krutz, G.S., Langner, B. & Budetti, P. Read more

Evaluating the Success of Need-Based State Aid in the Presence of Property Tax Limitations

Reschovsky, A. & Schwartz, A.E. Read more

Individual production, community characteristics and the provision of local public services

Schwartz, A.E. Read more

Taxing Over Tax Limits: Evidence from the Past and Policy Lessons for the Future

Hickam, D., Berne, R. & Stiefel, L. Read more

The Internet Backbone and the American Metropolis

Moss, M. L. & Townsend, A. Read more

The Relationship of Emergency Management to Governmental Policies on Man-Made Technological Disasters

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Social Security and the Politics of Assumptions

Light, P.C. Read more
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