Preface to Pineault, R. Understanding Health Care Systems for Improved Management

VG. Rodwin Read more

Renting in America’s Largest Cities

Sean Capperis, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Brian Karfunkel Read more

Accessibility of America’s Housing Stock: Analysis of the 2011 American Housing Survey

Luke Bosher, Sewin Chan, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Brian Karfunkel and Hsi-Ling Liao Read more

Determinants of Mortgage Default and Consumer Credit Use: The Effects of Foreclosure Laws and Foreclosure Delays

Sewin Chan, Andrew Haughwout, Andrew Hayashi and Wilbert van der Klaauw Read more

Do Homeowners Mark to Market? A Comparison of Self-reported and Market-based Home Value Estimates During the Housing Boom and Bust

Sewin Chan, Sam Dastrup & Ingrid Gould Ellen Read more

Pathways After Default: What Happens to Distressed Mortgage Borrowers and Their Homes

Sewin Chan, Vicki Been, Andrew Haughwout and Claudia Sharygin Read more

The Role of Neighborhood Characteristics in Mortgage Default Risk: Evidence from New York City

Sewin Chan, Michael Gedal, Vicki Been & Andrew Haughwout Read more

How Mortgage Finance Affects the Urban Landscape

Sewin Chan, Andrew Haughwout & Joseph Tracy Read more

The State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods in 2014

Ingrid Gould Ellen, et al. Read more

Is neighbourhood destiny? Exploring the link between neighbourhood mobility and student outcomes

Sarah Cordes, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel and Jeffrey Zabel Read more
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