Governance and Leadership for Social Change

Ospina, S. Read more

Weaving Color Lines: Race, Ethnicity, and the Work of Leadership in Social Change Organizations

Ospina, S. Read more

Taking the action turn: Lessons from bringing participation to qualitative research

Ospina, S., Dodge, J., Foldy, E.G. & Hofmann, A. Read more

Power, Safety and Learning in Racially Diverse Groups

Foldy, E.G. Buckley, T.R. & Rivard. P. Read more

Re-creating Street Level Practice: The Role of Routines, Work Groups and Team Learning

Foldy, E.G. & Buckley, T.R. Read more

Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare

Kovner, A.R., Fine, D.R. & D'Aquila, R. Read more

The Inspectors General at Missle Age

Light, P.C. Read more

The Search for Social Entrepreneurship

Light, P.C. Read more

A Guide to Using the Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellowship 360E Leadership Feedback Questionnaire

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Managing the Risk of Innovation: Strategies for Leadership

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