Collaborative Off-line Reflection: A Way to Develop Skill in Action Science and Action Inquiry

Rudolph, J. & Taylor, S., Foldy, E.G. Read more

Dueling Schemata: Dialectical Sensemaking About Gender

Foldy, E.G. Read more

Healthy Relationships: A Guide to Forming Partnerships between Health Care Providers and Adult Education Programs

Kaplan, S.A. Read more

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health: A View from the South Bronx

Kaplan S.A., Calman N.S., Golub M., Davis J.H. & Billings J. Read more

Fostering Organizational Change Through a Community-Based Initiative

Kaplan S.A., Calman N.S., Golub M., Ruddock C. & Billings J. Read more

A Comparative Analysis of Health Systems in Wealthy Nations

VG. Rodwin Read more

Healthcare in a Land Called PeoplePower: Nothing About Me Without Me

Delbanco, T., Berwick, D.M., Boufford, J.I., Edgman-Levitan, Ollenschlager, G., Plamping, D. & Rockefeller, R.G. Read more

Human Resources for Health: Overcoming the Crisis

Chen, L.C., Evans, T., Anand, S., Boufford, J.I., Brown, H., Chowdhury, M. & Michael, S. Read more

The Spiral of Nonprofit Excellence

Light, P.C. Read more

Evidence Based Financial Management - What Are We Waiting For?

Finkler, S.A. Read more
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