Mobility, Economic Opportunity and New York City Neighborhoods

Sarah M. Kaufman, Mitchell L. Moss, Jorge Hernandez and Justin Tyndall Read more

Factors influencing modes of transport and travel time for obstetric care: a mixed methods study in Zambia and Uganda

Sacks, E, Vail, D, Austin-Evelyn, K, Greeson, D, Atuyambe, L, Macwan’gi, M, Kruk, ME, Grépin, KA. Read more

The Role of Design-Build Procurement

Read more

Multi-Modal Transit Connectivity for Flexibility in Extreme Events

R. Zimmerman, C.E. Restrepo, J. Sellers, A. Amirapu, T. R. Pearson, and Hannah B. Kates Read more

Child Passenger Safety Laws in the United States, 1978–2010: Policy Diffusion in the Absence of Strong Federal Intervention

Bae, J.Y., E. Anderson, D. Silver, and J. Macinko Read more

Promoting Transportation Flexibility in Extreme Events through Multi-Modal Connectivity

R. Zimmerman, C.E. Restrepo, J. Sellers, A. Amirapu, and Theodore R. Pearson Read more

Social Media in Disaster Preparation, Response, and Recovery

Sarah M. Kaufman Read more

A Port Authority That Works

Moss, Mitchell L. and Hugh O'Neill. Read more

Smart devices and travel time use by bus passengers in Vancouver

Guo, Z, A Derian, and J Zhao Read more

Duet of the commons: Impact of street cleaning on household car usage in New York City

Guo, Z and P Xu Read more
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