Alan Krissoff
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Alan Krissoff, MA, is the director of the Levy Library at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he oversees an online and print collection budget of $2.3 million. Prior to that he was a reference coordinator and librarian at Levy Library, and was included in a faculty committee that developed a medical school course – the Art and Science of Medicine. Alan worked to provide services to families with children as a Senior Librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library and as an aid worker in the Minneapolis Department of Economic Assistance; he also taught fifth and sixth grades for the Vallejo, California Unified School District. Alan has been published in the Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine and Computers in Libraries, and has delivered presentations on library and information services to the Medical Library Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges, among other organizations. He is a member of the American Library Association and the Medical Library Association. Alan earned a Bachelor of Arts in history, with a minor in education, from SUNY Buffalo, post-baccalaureate teaching certification from San Francisco State University, and a Master of Arts in library and information studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.