Waad El Hadidy, Senior Associate

As a senior associate for the Research Center for Leadership in Action, Waad El Hadidy's research helps expand possibilities for understanding leadership. She is a core member of RCLA’s Ford Foundation-sponsored national project on social change leadership in the US.

Prior to joining NYU she managed research projects and worked, as a practitioner in international development, on issues of sustainable agriculture in new desert communities and community building in urban contexts. She has held posts at the Near East Foundation, the European Delegation, and Booz-Allen & Hamilton in Cairo, Egypt, and has consulted for the Ford Foundation, the Coady International Institute, The International Development Research Center and the United Nations Development Program. She has co-authored various book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

Waad holds an MPhil in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge in England and an MBA from Georgia State University. One of her emerging interests is in how design can improve our lives and particularly how physical spaces can engender social relations. Waad is also both intrigued and vexed by the growing confluence between the nonprofit and business sectors in addressing social and public concerns.