A Global Perspective on Leadership

In today’s world, no individual, organization or sector has the resources or power to address global issues alone. From climate change to severe social and economic disparities, progress requires a shift from relying on single, heroic leaders for answers to recognizing and fostering leadership in which people at all levels work across sectors and boundaries to find common solutions.

RCLA works with leading global institutions at the forefront of efforts to foster civic engagement, create forums for groundbreaking dialogue, establish cross-sector collaborations, and empower citizens to become agents for change.

A Global Network University

As a leadership center at New York University, RCLA has a unique vantage point for its global work.

New York University is known for being “in and of” the city, it now also has a unique position “in and of the world.”  NYU leads all universities in students studying abroad; more than half of undergraduates now study abroad, and each year the number increases. In addition, it has international study sites in some of the world’s greatest cities – from Tel Aviv to Madrid, Shanghai to Buenos Aires - as well as portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.  

Context-Based Leadership Solutions

Because our work is based on close partnerships, our research and programs respect and reflect the specific context and culture in which leaders work.

We also ask ambitious questions about accountability, civic engagement and public service leadership in times of political volatility and economic uncertainty that give our findings far-reaching application. We are particularly interested in the leadership practices that enable ordinary people working together to create deep and lasting solutions to tough social issues and the leadership strategies that can be replicated successfully in new contexts.