Our Approach

Launched in 2003, the Research Center for Leadership in Action's mission is to support leadership that listens to many voices and serves as a resource for making systems and organizations effective, transparent, inclusive and fair. RCLA challenges the assumptions underlying traditional leadership research, while building on prevailing efforts to advance the field.

How We Work

All of our work begins with the idea that leadership, whether individual or shared, depends upon collective, cooperative processes that help communities of practice make sense of their challenges and act effectively to bring about change.

We build fresh insights about leadership "from the ground up." Cultivating new knowledge begins with practitioners sharing their work experiences. Their descriptions often suggest the solutions that participating organizations and groups need to resolve their own leadership challenges.

We also invite the practitioner community to engage in facilitated inquiries and discussions with social scientists, where together they can search for new ideas and approaches to leadership. Because of our belief in the collective aspects of successful leadership, we encourage participants to explore and glean new knowledge from the tensions and mediating processes that often occur naturally within these discussions.

RCLA produces a variety of Products for Practice to share what we have learned, from formal published papers to briefs intended help leaders in government, nonprofits, and communities improve the effectiveness of their work.

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