Sonja Schenkel, Fellow

Sonja Schenkel is a trained filmmaker and scholar, whose aim is to use the emotional quality of art to develop creative methods and research on social innovation and sustainability. Her specialty lays in the practice of encouraging people to become creative and innovate themselves, while she also conducts rigorous research on what helps and may hinder innovation.

During her doctoral studies she spent a semester at RCLA and was subsequently named a Fellow to further collaborate on exploring the relationship between leadership, social change and creativity.

Sonja wrote her PhD on Collaborative Design at the Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development Studies in Geneva and earned her MA in Social Anthropology and Psychology from University of Zurich and the National University of Mexico (UNAM), graduating summa cum laude.

Sonja has worked as a director and script consultant in corporate and documentary filmmaking for ten years. During that time, her work has included extensive research in Latin America, East Africa and Asia.

She has also taught classes on Collaborative Filmmaking and has faciliated a range of participatory process with NGOs, schools and individuals in Brazil, the Middle East and Switzerland

Sonja has a passion for making knowledge accessible and social change happen. And doing this - at its best - in collaboration with the people concerned.